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Monday, November 15, 2004

Gays Already Have the Right to Marry

The real agenda is to redefine marriage.

With respect to marriage, gays are already treated equally in all 50 states. I’ve checked and it’s true. Gays can get married and have the exact same sanction as non-gays. The exact same legal rights are available. I asked the registrar at the local courthouse if it was possible for two gay men to get a marriage license. She said “no”. I asked her if two straight men could get a marriage license. Once again, she said “no”. But apparently if a straight or gay man wants to marry a gay or straight woman, then that is OK. We already treat them the same as straights. If they want to be married, they can find someone of the opposite sex and take their chances like the rest of us. But two men or two women cannot be married because that’s not what marriage is.

This is because marriage is not the right to marry who you love. Long before the search for a life partner was guided by love, it was guided by politics, security and property interests. (Remember Monty Python and the Holy Grail – Huge Tracts of Land!) Marriage is only recently and mostly in the hedonistic West, specifically linked to that blissful state of love. It can be argued that the vast majority of the world considers love an annoyance when working out matrimonial details.

Many people don’t get to marry their first or second choice of love, because the ones they would choose chose someone else. Getting married becomes a search for a qualified candidate. You must find someone who is Ready (not married to some one else) Able (of the opposite sex) and Willing (agrees to marry you) Who you love is inconsequential. I’ve been married twice and I don’t remember any question or affadavit certifying that I was in love. I even know of some mercenary marriages that were entered for financial reasons. But they were marriages because marriage is a tradition and legal agreement between a man and woman that allows them to have certain claims on each other under the law (and church where so respected).

The word “marry” is actually a word for “agree” or “join” and this joining is an agreement of two people with the sanction of the church and/or the state.

But remember - just because you love your dog, your toaster, the thumb hole in your bowling ball or an apple pie, doesn’t mean you may enter into a marriage contract with any of them. Have fun with this.


Blogger HelenW said...

Hello IC, nice to meet you. Sondra sent me. I appreciate your service to our country.

Now to business: This essay is pitiful. No really, it's so bad, it makes me forget about who you think has what agenda. Something about arranged marriages? Honestly, don't you think we get enough Islamo-centric rhetoric from the Old Democrat Media?

Now I didn't drop in to make enemies, so I won't give you a full fisking (unless you ask for it and promise not to cry.) Just know that outside the cocoon, your ideas on Marriage Apartheid are indefensible. Soldiers are trained to avoid those positions, no? Or is that just for the leaders?

9:10 PM  

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