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Saturday, November 05, 2005

I See (Ici) Paris, I See (Ici) France

Islam in their underpants.

When cultures collide, violence ensues. Western political philosophy is not compatible with Islam. Islam is a religion with an integrated theocratic political theory. The principles of that political theory are contained in the Koran. The Old Testament also contains some religion with integrated political theory but when the Zionist Criminals set up Isreal, they rejected the idea of being ruled by judges that were also spiritual leaders.

Until Islam undergoes a reformation and recognizes that what worked in 700AD may not be functional in the 21st Century, we are set to see a lot of violence like that near Paris.

Osama Bin Laden, Zawahiri, and Zarqawi are not the only troublemakers in the world. There are dozens of thugs and racketeers around the world that position themselves to increase the friction between groups and then profit from the heat they create. In the US, Louis Farrakan, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton come to mind.

If it were up to me, I'd call for the showdown with Islam right now. I'd insist Pakistan turn over it's nukes, I'd put bunker busters on Iran's nuke sites. Id annex Saudi Arabia and tell the Saudi family to pack up and move to Switzerland, I'd put a fence around Mecca and have an oath of non-aggression as a precondition for pilgramage. I'd take that oil money and use it for infrastructure improvements in every Islamic country that passed laws prohibiting intolerance of other religions. Sermons at Mecca would include tolerance of other religions. And I'd arm to the teeth every non-Islamic minority group in the world so they could defend themselves from the fanatic onslaught. I'd make Islamics in the US take a loyalty oath and I'd cut out their tongues and cut off their right hand if they were convicted of violating it. (The tongue for lying, the hand for acting)

It would draw out the fanatics and we'd have the battle right now. Orthodox Islam vs. the West. I'd tell China to be with us or I'd shut off trade 100%. Malaysia would not fight, Indonesia would think long and hard about it. Isreal might need to push their Arab minority (there's no such thing as a Palestinian) into the ocean, but they're eventually going to have to do that anyway.

Some cultures value tolerance and justice, but Islam values only Islam. It is intolerant. It is arbitrary. It is also dysfunctional as a system of government. It is a lot like socialism except Islam can work on a micro-political (village) scale. (Socialism doesn't work at all.) I have no problem with tolerant Muslims that wish to integrate with the Western World practicing their religion freely and faithfully. But this whole "Muslims can do whatever they want in this country because we're Muslims and we don't recognize your authority" nonsense is not going to go far on my watch.

Islam has integrated instructions for the second-class treatment of Christians and Jews and third-class treatment of the infidel. If we build second-class treatment for Muslims into our laws, they will clamor for equal treatment based on Western principles and then we will insist that they may not claim the protection of those principles until they integrate tolerance into the practice of Islam.

If they refuse, round them up and ship them back to the hell-holes they came from and if they give you any trouble, throw them overboard. It'll save trouble down the road. I promise.


Blogger Brandon said...

I don't see what this has to do about France. Yes, the Muslim blacks in France are rioting but that's not because they are Muslim, but because the government doesn't know what to do with the minority. They live in ghettos and while the government has thrown millions of francs (now euros) at the problem, they have done nothing.

Doesn't help that there is noone in the cabinet that can relate to the French Muslims, so no one really knows what to do. I mean, there's 25% unemployment among the youth there, it's no wonder that they riot.

That is to say, if the riots in France are what incited you to write this blog post of radicalism. People can say the same about radical Christians. The majority of Muslims are just like the majority of Christians.

I don't think it's a problem with Islam, I think it's the fact that these countries are still behind certain Western cultures who have just 'evolved' quicker then they have. They suffer some of the racial tensions and religious tensions that we used to struggle with 'back in the day'. To say it's just because of Islam is just ignorant.

2:19 PM  
Blogger ironcross11 said...

So Islam has institutional procedures for treating non-Muslims as second-class citizens but that's not part of the problem?

The persecution of non-Muslims by Muslims is on the increase in many nations with Muslim majorities or significant minorities, but that's not a problem with Islam?

Muslims are not disfunctional in the West because the West left them behind. They are disfunctional in the West because their culture is intolerant of any idea except Islam.

It is refreshing to see you recognize that throwing millions (Billions actually) of Francs at the problem has had no effect. If only we could get the do-gooders here to recognize that the only system that liberates human potential is accountability for the able and limiting charity to the helpless.

Islam will not be functional until it is accountable and it will not be accountable as long as "It is the will of Allah" can be used by any Muslim to excuse derelict behavior.

Muslims that choose to take initiative and make their own luck, survive and thrive in the tolerance of Western society. Unlike a Christian in Saudi Arabia, a Muslim in the West is not persecuted for possessing his scriptures.

Don't tell me that the vast majority of muslims are like the vast majority of Christians. There's not a single nation with a majority Muslim population that has an expanding non-muslim minority. Those minorities are under attack everywhere.

Name for me a nation with an Muslim minority that is persecuted and shrinking in the same way.

You sir, have been tricked by a self-loathing Western press and a liberal ideology to believe that all cultures are equal. They are not. They never have been. They never will be. It is the reason empires rise and fall. Islam as an empire started to fall 500 years ago. They just don't have the math to figure it out yet.

Think long and hard about that.

And if you ever come to this site and ridicule something I've written as ignorant again, I will slaughter a pig and dip your post in the drippings so that after I've dismembered it, it cannot rise to hang out with Allah and the 70 virgins.


8:45 PM  
Blogger Brandon said...

Wish I had the time and effort to research the information I know and prove that you're just another radical right who thinks America is the best thing since sliced bread.

11:08 AM  
Blogger ironcross11 said...

What an interesting concept! To do research so that you can prove the things you know. Brandon - Having an interest in figuring out the truth is a great thing. Be sure to remember that people used to know the world is flat. There are tons of people that are trying to create a world of equality of outcomes. Do not be tricked into thinking that it can be done. The thinkers and doers will never accept it. Peace and justice originate in respect and accountability, not from proliferation of utopian socialist multicultural fantasies.

As for America being the best thing since sliced bread. America invented sliced bread, the transistor, the laser, effective power transmission, photography, AC current, television, motion pictures, atomic power, liquid fueled rockets, heavier than air flight, the digital computer, orthoscopic surgery, vaccination, practical x-rays, production assembly line, mechanized food production and the internet.

We could do this because our socio-economic structure and culture unleashes the human spirit.

Capitalism works everywhere it's tried. Socialism hasn't worked yet. It is a parasite the feeds off of latent capitalism.

If you are willing, you will learn - keep an open mind.

8:45 PM  

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