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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Another Slice of Self-Centered Liberal Motivation

Jimmy Carter has served another miserable saucer of anti-American, anti-Isreali twaddle. He lays the blame for all anti-American, anti-Isreali sentiment in the Muslim world on the US and Isreal. It doesn't have anything to do with the Arab TV programs that teach songs of suicide martyrdom to pre-schoolers. If we would just return the Isreali borders to the pre-67 status then all the violence would go away.

Can he be that stupid? No, probably not. He is a nuclear physicist...well at least he managed a nuclear powered naval vessel. He can't be stupid. But he is desperate... desperate to be successful, desperate to have a lasting legacy. He did nothing successful during 4 years in the White House. He threw Iran into chaos, emasculated the post-Vietnam military, wrung his hands over the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, groveled at the feet of the Ayatollah for 444 days and ordered a unforgivably flawed rescue-mission patched together with far too many commanders and not enough well-maintained helicopters. He supervised economic policies so devoid of positive effect that the country developed new terms and measurements for the outcome. Malaise and Misery Index anyone?

The other completely insane accomplishment was to elevate Egyptian born terrorist Yasser Arafat to new hights of credibility by hand-cuffing the Isreali Prime Minister to him at the negotiating table.

The reason Mr Carter is so desperate is because he identifies hand-cuffing the PM of Isreal as his finest hour. He set history on a road of appeasement 30 years ago and if peace could be brought to the Middle East from his initiative, he would have a legacy. If he cannot create peace from appeasement he will have no legacy of success.

He shall shout appeasement from the mountaintops for the rest of his life because he is sandwiched between Nixon's clairvoyant "two China" policy and Ronald Reagan's "cold" deflation of the Soviet Bloc. George H.W. Bush kicked Saddam out of Kuwait with a broad coalition. Even Bill Clinton in the former Yugoslavia had some success with the eventual arrest of Milosovic.

He will shout appeasement of the evil murderers and condemn two of the best democracies in the world because he wants to change history. He wants to shed the big "L for loser" tattooed across his forehead because his wife is tired of looking at it.


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