The Brutality of Reason Example

By Ironcross One-One

Slicing and dicing things into pieces small enough
to be fed to Liberals, Kooks and Anti-Americans.
When feeding Kooks and Anti-Americans
I suggest a potato gun.

If you are the emotional liberal type, this mindspace will make you uncomfortable. If you think my logic or facts are faulty, lets discuss it. When your findings disagree with my findings, that is dialogue. But using rhetoric to disagree with science is demogoguery. No demogoguery! I usually refrain from insults, but occasionally, ignorance and liberal hypocrisy bring out the worst in me.

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Monday, December 13, 2004

The Strength of Amerika

Here’s an outstanding piece by Herbert E. Meyer. I like this kind of stuff. It isn’t really about how You-Row-Peons feel about us or about how we feel. It’s about what we do. We’re 4 percent of the worlds population and we produce 20% of it’s wealth. You know that trade deficit? The statistic that says that we bought more from foreigners than they bought from us? Year after year we buy more from overseas than we sell overseas. You wanna know why we aren’t broke? Ya wanna know why we get richer year after year? Because the most common American trait is ambition. Americans are all about doing it better, faster, cheaper, and first. In Amerika, we are serious about production. And we understand that there is a connection between that production and our liberty, limited government, the sanctity of contract and equality before the law.
We also know that you can’t be as productive as us without the same types of liberties and protections.

Hey Jacques! You wanna know why your Frog economy is in the toilet? I’ll give you a hint. Socialism Doesn’t Work

That’s the part that the Socialist European Labor Unions don’t want you to know. The whole idea of socialism is to get paid the most for the least work. It's a more expensive way to do less. The American theory inspires us to “find a cheaper way to do more and pocket the difference.” When everyone is trying to find a better cheaper way, and can be relatively sure to keep the profits as long as they don't threaten Microsoft, it's open-source prosperity for everyone.


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