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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Cutting Out the Middle-Man

The government does not produce value. The government is not in the production business. In many cases the government discourages production. The government is a middle-man.
It is estimated that only 12-15 cents of every dollar spent on some government social programs goes to target. 85% is eaten up in administration, bureaucracy, and overhead. I don’t even want to think about the fraud. There’s a lot of people skimming a share between the recipient and the citizen filling out his Form 1040. The fault in this model is the fact that there is no correlation between the cost to the payer, and the value of the service to the beneficiary. Since the bureaucrat and the beneficiary don’t pay the freight, they don’t care, and the taxpayer never knows how little actual good was done for his money. The government bureaucrat that gets paid $140K per year to set obscure policies on where the money goes, thanks you very much. He is feeding off of a charity effort.
Many non-governmental charities are 80-85% efficient.
You want a cheaper car? – Get rid of the middle-man
You want cheaper medical care? Get rid of the middle-man
You want everything cheaper? Get the government out of the business of “charity” and back into the business of government.

Less taxes = Less Government/More Consumer Spending = More Jobs

Everyone wins except the lazy and the bureaucrats.


Blogger Beaker said...

That is exactly correct. When "the government" pays for something, that something will become exponentially more expensive for those souls who have to pay for it themselves.

In ten years, the cost of prescription drugs will be completely beyond the reach of people without medicare, and many private insurance plans will drop the coverage entirely due to their cost.

1:44 PM  

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