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Friday, January 07, 2005

Smackdown - Reality Defeats Socialism (Again)

China is changing it's laws to prohibit gender selective abortion. It seems that the birth ratio of male to female is almost 1.2 to 1. That's 6 men to 5 women for you Gay and Feminist Studies Majors. When you are talking about a 6 to5 ratio for 20 years on the most populous nation on earth, you are talking about a shortage of women in the scores of millions. This alarming condition in the workers paradise is effected by three factors: (A) A tradition that gives the oldest male child the responsibility of taking care of the parents in their "Golden Years" (2) A law that criminalizes having more than one child, and (III) No national "social security" safety net.

If a couple want some security in their age, they must have a male child to provide it. A woman becomes part of her husband's family when she marries. Her husband is expected to take care of his parents, but since almost all children are the "only" child, no one takes care of her parents.

This issue is already at crisis state. About three years ago I saw an article detailing the kidnapping and sale of post adolescent girls into China as brides for desparate men willing to pay a bounty. The parents of 25 years ago started this problem by identifying unborn female children and aborting them. Here's the funny karmic repercussions.

(1) That article also detailed huge dowries being paid to the parents of women at marriage. We call this supply and demand. You commies would know about this if you weren't listening to that little fat tinhorn during the 40's. When all else fails, try capitalism. It works every time it's tried.

(2) If the son can't find a wife because there are not enough women to go around, he can take care of his folks in their old age, but he will not have a son to take care of him and carry the family name. Bwwwaaaaahahahahahahahah!


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