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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Courage of Old Europe

I heard talking heads on FOX News today all "a-twitter" about whisperings of the You-Row-Peons (French and German) joining the effort to build the new Iraqi democracy. How Courageous! This wouldn't have anything to do with the success of Sunday's election would it? Not to mention the prospect of tapping that huge sea of oil that America is currently holding in escrow for the Iraqi people.

I think the precursor to any such opportunity should be a formal apology to the Iraqi People from any nation that did business with Saddam since 1991 and a formal apology from the United Nations for both sins of commission and omission.

I'm not demanding apologies to Dubya and the US of A for strategic reasons.
1) It's France and Germany, what they say or think doesn't mean that much since they are second-rate anyway.
B) The Iraqi's are figuring out who their real friends are - an apology to the US makes Europe look like friends of Iraq that misread the issue.
III) There are people in Iran and Syria that are watching what's going on in Iraq and would like a piece of democracy. Let them gravitate toward the US instead of France and Germany.
d) Back channel to the French and Germans that they can have a piece of Iraq as soon as they clean up the mess in The Sudan.

There were no Coalition Casualties in Iraq on 1 and 2 Feb.

Hopefully it will be a bit safer for the troops from here on. We wouldn't want to have the French whip out that legendary can of French Whup-ass.


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