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Monday, January 31, 2005

Our Genocidal Plan for Islam Part II

As you may recall from OGPFI (Part 1) there are nitwits and kooks that stand near the Pentagon Metro Station on Monday mornings to protest the US occupation of Iraq and our secret plan to wipe out every Muslim on the face of the earth.

Last time it was figuring how tsunami relief fits into our genocidal plans; today it is elections.

We believe in democracy so fervently, that before we wipe Islam from the face of the earth, we're gonna make sure that every one of them rat-bastards votes, dammit! Voting is a God-Given Right and we don't care what you call God, but He gave you the right to vote and we're gonna make sure you use it before we send you to meet Him. We're America! Dammit!

That's probably enough of that.

John Kerry says we shouldn't overhype the elections. First off, hype means over-accentuating. He's saying we shouldn't over-over accentuate the elections. We should listen to him on this. He's the guy who over-over-accentuated his Vietnam service during the Presidential campaign and we see where that got him.

I'm trying to juxtapose video of Iraqis dancing in the street (purple fingers in the air*) with the still fresh images of vandalized and destroyed Bush campaign offices. I can see why Kerry wouldn't be too happy about democracy in Iraq. He and his supporters didn't like it when we were doing it here either. They especially didn't like the results.

That's probably enough of that.

I heard many references today about the defiant Iraqis courageously facing down the terrorists and firmly embracing democracy. Good.

I'm not sure how many innocent Iraqis have lost their lives since the start of the insurgency but I'd be surprised if the real number is more than 10 times the number of US casualties. If that were the case, 13K/600 days means an average of 21 per day or approximately a 1 in a million chance (in a nation of 22M) of being killed by an insurgent on any given day.

For US Forces it's 1300 since the fall of "the Ba'athists". 1300/600 days equals 2.16 per day across a population of 150000. that's better than a 1 in 70,000 chance of being killed every day you spend in the sand box.

You have a 14 times greater risk than the courageous ones doing the voting. But it's important. We need to make sure those rat-bastards vote at least once before we launch the final plan to wipe them all out.


*Is there an Iraqi equivalent of "Prince"? I'm trying to come up with an "Artist Formerly Known as Prince" meme here; Purple Fingers, Purple rain and We Gonna Party Like it's 1999.


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