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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Tool Sale From Hell

Driving home from work...Dayglo pink sign says "TOOL SALE...So I turned in at the local Fraternal Order of the Eagles Lodge and there's a beehive of activity around a semi-trailer.

Sign says: (1) Grab a clipboard and write down item code and quantity...(2) Pay Cashier... (3) Pick up purchase at semi-trailer.

I went in and picked up a clipboard. Hmmmmmmm... 4" pneumatic grinder...$29.99...Too Cheap!...must be made in China.

I looked around and just about everything there was made in China. I put dowwn the clipboard and the pen and walked out.

The U.S. is selling itself to Our trade deficit with China is about 0.5% of our national net worth annually. Their heavy industrial capacity is ramping up as we disassemble ours. The Chinese have no environmental constraint, no trade unions and cheap plentiful labor.

They are executing a national strategy to supplant the US as the lone superpower within 50 years. They plan to do it without firing a shot like we did with the Soviet Union. They plan to do it with economics.

I'm not buying anymore goods from China. They may be cheap. They may be of acceptable quality. But the long term cost is too high.

Normally a tool counter makes me giddy... Today it was depressing.


Blogger right around here said...

General: I only wish we could avoid buying Chinese goods. If you a way to do it please let me know, I will join in. I know of no product imported today that does not have some component of China in it. Whether a label printed there or the actual item itself.

Lot's of luck.

8:33 AM  

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