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Monday, December 12, 2005

The Paradox of the Sunshine Patriots

You cannot support the troops without supporting the war. War is what they do. They execute the policy of the nation. Even when it is ugly and extreme. The time and place to determine national policy is on election day at the ballot box. Once the troops are mobilized, deployed, and engaged, the time for discussion is over. The only way to support the troops once they are fighting is with a firm commitment to win.

Troops shouldn't be sent into battle wondering if the nation will surrender the day after. Once the battle starts, there's only one way out that supports the troops. Anything else is betrayal.

As for the inane idea that war is a betrayal...they're volunteers, you idiots! They knew what they signed up for. Just because you don't think this nation is worth defending, does not mean that everyone agrees. They've already taken an oath to give their lives to execute the missions the nation gives them. They've decided that the nation is more important than themselves. Oh, that we could find a liberal that thought that.

The last thing a warrior needs is to have the value of his commitment questioned by a bunch of panty-waist wussies that care about their own worthless lives more than they care about the nation.

Don't transfer your miserable fears and self-loathing to us, we'll not save ourselves at the expense of the nation. You run and hide like the Frenchmen that you are. The chasm that separates you from us is beyond the comprehension of your pitiful little minds. There's a reason they make movies about men (and women) of action. Intuitively, everyone knows what mankind can and ought to be.

If we wanted to be safe, we'd have all the anti-war Hollywood posers.

Or thick security, like all the politicians.

You can't help but admire the daring and dangerous. You actors portray our heroics on the screen and politicians like Kerry press their dime-store credentials for political advantage.

Conundrum: The source of the glory that you use to your personal gain is war. Yet you claim to despise war.

Paradox: The troops define success as victory. If you don't support the victory, you don't support the troops.

How hard it must be to hate one's country so.


Blogger Dymphna said...

I don't usually link to my own posts in other people's comment sections, but I thought you might like to see the editorial a soldier from NY wrote recently.

It deserves wide dissemination:
Re: The Stomach of the Political Class

The title derives from one of the more important sentences in his essay...

On the post you'll find a link to the whole editorial. I shortened it by a few paragraphs so I could keep his main point.

4:45 PM  

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