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Thursday, June 08, 2006

A Question for the Pseudo-Intellectual Left

Tomes of leftist metaphysical self-help drivel are centered around the importance of positive thinking and high self esteem. So...
Why do they hold their own country, culture and heritage in contempt and why do they automatically assert that victory in the war on terror is not possible? By their own feel-good doctrine, they are setting the table for failure. When a victory is possible you automatically prevent it by accepting defeat. Defeat is never inevitable, there is always a way to victory. The trick is developing and deploying the correct strategy.

Great Leadership is almost always positive and almost always proactive.
The last national Democrat that understood this was JFK. "Ask what you can do for your country"
People do not want to be told that things are awful. They want leaders to tell them how to make things better. There is no one in their right mind that thinks increased federal spending is the way to a better America. The way to a better America is enforcing standards in education, enforcing standards in border control, enforcing standards in corporate boardrooms, enforcing standards in government ethics and enforcing standards in industry.

Fire teachers that don't teach and remove students that are disruptive. Punish employers of illegals and deport the illegals. Jail corporate thieves and stock swindlers. Run corrupt politicians out of office, even for lying about sex. Protect Corporations from corrupt unions and protect workers from corrupt corporations.

Standards are the only defense against chaos and chaos is the enemy of productivity. Productivity is the fountainhead of luxury and leisure. If you want to inspire people, sell them on the standards that will make their lives better. When you explain to them the connection between behavior and consequences, they will know you are a true leader.

If you do not believe victory is possible, you cannot possibly lead.


Blogger Brandon said...

"The way to a better America is enforcing standards in education, enforcing standards in border control, enforcing standards in corporate boardrooms, enforcing standards in government ethics and enforcing standards in industry."

Some things seem to go beyond the spectrum of political idealogy and engage all those who see the solutions to the problems that plague our nation.

"There is no one in their right mind that thinks increased federal spending is the way to a better America."

I fail to see how solving the problems above call for anything but an increase in federal spending. In the least, allocation into committees that would solve this sort of problem. You can't expect people to have enough influence or even for the general populace to care enough to change this. Sure, they care, but they fail to do anything about it.

8:38 PM  
Blogger ironcross11 said...

Thus proving you are not in your right mind...

The problem is not how much we spend, It's what we spend it on. Senators Stevens (R) Alaska and Sen Byrd (D) of West Virginia are "in my opinion" the kings of pork. But the list of offenders is long and all of them are bleeding you and me to offer sweet earmarks to businesses and special interest groups that contribute to their campaigns.

But... education doesn't have to be expensive, but it's most expensive where liberal judges make it impossible to hold the students and the parents accountable.

Make education like a drivers license - a privilege that can be stripped for failure to obey standards.
Also, offer vouchers to let parents choose the best education at the best price. Nothing works like the free market to increase quality at lower cost.Viola! Better education cheaper.
Of course, that huge liberal lobby group "the teachers union" will fight you to the death on that one. They aren't interested in good education if it doesn't protect incompetent teachers.

Border control. Give every current illegal 60 days to register as an illegal. Fine them 10,000 dollars for every man, woman and child. Allow them 5 years to pay it. Use the money to pay for materials to build the fence. Have the fence built by volunteers from around the world that are willing to work for free for 6 months in exchange for a guest worker visa. Make the charge for a guest worker visa the same as the cost of deporting 2 illegal immigrants back to Mexico.

When the fence is finished, enforce it with landmines, automated machine guns, and trip wires.
Border control, payed for by people who have decided to play by the rules. No increase of cost to the tax payer.

To enforce standards in corporate boardrooms, don't separate white collar criminals into "Club Fed Prisons" let them do hard time with hard criminals.
No substantial increase in cost.

Levy the death penalty on public servants that leak classified information to the press. Levy the death penalty on members of the press that print it.
National Security represents the lives of the citizens. Putting it at risk over a political agenda should be a hanging offense.

Publicly Flog public servants that misuse prosecutorial and police powers. Also flog officials that take bribes and kickbacks. Oh yeah, flog Sandy Berger for stealing the documents from the national archives that would have pinned the 9/11 failures on the Clinton Administration. No substantial additional cost.

You want to enforce standards? Put some teeth in the consequences. It's not expensive. It's just harsh. But people behave differently when they know there are harsh penalties for aberration.

Oh and as far as the people caring? - a Democratic President hasn't won a majority of the vote since 1976. They care, they are sick and tired of liberal judges inflicting their social policy preferences over ballot initiatives and kicking aside the rule of elected representatives. The people care. The judiciary is the last shred of socialism in our government and its on its way out.

Just in passing, how did you feel about the Kelo decision where the liberals ruled to evict the common people from their property so the real estate developers could have it? Did that make you proud to be a leftist?

This is why the left keeps losing elections. They don't trust the people, they don't believe in the people and they don't stand for the people. They trust, believe in, and stand for the government and their special interest groups.

10:16 PM  

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