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If you are the emotional liberal type, this mindspace will make you uncomfortable. If you think my logic or facts are faulty, lets discuss it. When your findings disagree with my findings, that is dialogue. But using rhetoric to disagree with science is demogoguery. No demogoguery! I usually refrain from insults, but occasionally, ignorance and liberal hypocrisy bring out the worst in me.

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Friday, October 06, 2006

Republican Incompetence - AKA - The Foley Follies

This whole Foley business highlights the naivete of Republican politicians. They think politics is about ideas and vision. What a bunch of morons! Politics is about power and controlling/shaping the future.

They have no idea how to go on the attack when the Democrats swing into hypocritical personal attacks. Here's how the press conference would go if I were the Speaker of the House.

Opening Statement: We are outraged that the Democrats are engaging in these sleazy gay bashing tactics. Mark Foley is a kind and decent man that has different inclinations than the majority of Americans, but to our knowledge he has not taken inappropriate liberties with any under age person. It appears that he may have been cultivating relationships with young men below that age of consent, but as far as we know did not make any effort to initiate any physical contact.

As creepy as that may seem to some, none of this behavior falls within the realm of illegality as far as we know. It's creepy, Just like Senators Kennedy and Dodd sandwiching a waitress on the floor in a Washington DC restaurant. I could go further into the creepy antic of Senator Kennedy, but I'll stop there.

It's about as creepy as a 50 ear old man abusing an intern on the presidential seal of the oval office. But Mark Foley never lied to the public or purjured himself in front of a grand jury about his escapades.

It's about as creepy as the Clinton White House using the term "nuts and sluts" to label women that accused the President of misconduct.

It's as creepy as Sandy Berger stuffing documents into his pants and socks to sneak them out of the National Archives so that the 9/11 Commission couldn't see what actually went on in the Clinton White House.

It's not as creepy as Barney Frank's boy toy running a male prostitution service out of Barney's basement. (no pun intended). Barney denied knowing about it. Yeah right. That's pretty creepy.

We are calling for a FBI investigation to authoritatively determine what laws were broken if any. We are asking that this investigation extend to all current members of the House and all pages past and present.

As far as we know, the pages knew who they were communicating with. Foley never tried to deceive or lure the pages and since he only communicated with them after they left DC, he held no immediate power over them. They had the ability to block his traffic and they chose to communicate. Being gay is not a crime in and of itself, nor is gay flirting.

It is not the job of the congressional or party leadership or any employer to snoop into the private sexual matters of employees unless it is suspected that laws have been broken. In fact, to do so is illegal in many places.

We don't believe this behavior puts the House of Representative in the best light, but if we are to accept Representative William Jefferson, Democrat, Louisiana in our midst after an FBI sting caught him with 90,000 dollars in cash in his freezer; if the Democrats will stand behind the creepy antics of President Clinton, Senators Kennedy and Dodd, Barney Frank, and all of the others in their rogue's gallery; then we will have to withhold judgement on Mark Foley until we find evidence of illegal or immoral conduct.

You see, the Democrats and the mainstream media aren't really outraged about his behavior. In most liberal enclaves, they celebrate such liberties at their cocktail parties. They're outraged about his political affiliation. He's gay and he's been fighting for the wrong side.

Your hypocrisy is blatant. Your bias is obvious. And that makes you an enemy of truth and fairness. Put that in your papers and on your network news. I dare you.

Question: Will you step down as Speaker: Yeah, Like Clinton did.

Question: When did you know about the E-mails: Why does it matter? is it a crime? The FBI said it wasn't.

Question: When did you know about the Instant Messages? You mean the ones that are three years old that mysteriously come to light 4 weeks before a national election? There's your Pulitzer Prize. Go document the trail that brought them into public view. I learned about them last Friday. But somewhere in this town there's a Democrat that knew about them for a long time and sat on them. Where's your outrage at that? I smell some hypocrisy in the press here.

Question: Do you think this will cause Republicans to stay home from the polls? No; they're smarter than Democrats. They believe very little of what they see in the mainstream media because they know how it spins in favor of the Democrats.

Are you sure you won't resign? Well, I'll resign the day Susan McDougal testifies against the Clintons, Sandy Berger tells what was really in the documents he stole. Teddy Kennedy is convicted of vehicular manslaughter, Patrick Kennedy is charged with DWI and Bill Clinton publicly apologizes for using time he could have been meeting with the CIA and the FBI to meet with Monica Lewinski.

No More Questions.


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