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Sunday, July 20, 2008

US Wins War In Iraq

Prime Minister Maliki says that after being wrong for more than 3 years, Barack Obama may finally be right. It may finally be time to talk about a timetable for US troop withdrawals. This is like a stock analyst telling you to but as you head into a recession. Eventually it will be time to buy, but claiming it was his plan to buy when the timing was right is a intellectually vacant. Lord Barack Hussein Obama wanted to surrender and lose, insisting that victory wasn't possible. Claiming that he has the exit strategy after victory is at hand is the behavior of the backstabbing corporate ass-kisser that takes credit for the successes of others while being invisible during the dark hours when the fight was on and the outcome was a lot less certain.

What isn't said in this article is that Maliki is pandering to opposition forces that uses allegations of US oppression to stir up public sentiment against US forces. There is no doubt that Maliki would like US troops out eventually, but Maliki knows that if they leave too early he's going to get the same treatment that Saddam got. Mookie al-Sadr and others would love to turn Iraq into a Iran Clone.

Speigel is a left wing publication that would love to see Obama win. That's why this story is spun as Barack the Brilliant instead of Obama the Clueless.

Democrats have been calling for withdrawal for nearly 5 years. It's finally approaching that time. Giving them credit for being right is stupid.


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