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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Polygamy and Polyandry. More Aftershocks of the Right to Privacy

Mark Steyn writes a revealing column about the impact of inventing and redefining "rights". I'm on the fence about polygamy. It's a system with a long-standing track record. It has been in use for the full expanse of recorded history and it works. Even here in the states there are extended polygamous families that function well within western culture. Also, it seems to me that there are more "Marrying Women" than there are "marrying Men". It always has seemed that way to me. I've rarely known a woman to turn down a marriage proposal from any guy that has even a shred of credibility. Such a shift would change the dynamic. Women and men could build families that allow them to balance their careers (career and stay at home moms), meet their taste for intimacy (difference of sensual frequency) and allow far more women to participate in parenthood with a man as something other than a source of genetic material. Perhaps more children having a father figure too. However, as Steyn points out, within entitlement societies there are huge issues that will have to be worked out. Social Security, Insurance, Divorce law, Child nauseum.

Can we redefine marriage to mean any two people but not include any three, five or "your favorite number here". Is there a government responsibility to protect desperate women from manipulative men that collect wives as a hobby?

I can't imagine a big market for polyandry, but should it catch on, who's name does the kid have? "Who's yo daddy " takes on a new meaning.

Stay tuned on this one. It's coming soon to a Supreme Court near you and the whole "Gay Lobby vs the People of Texas" case set this thing up to roll ahead like the 2004 Red Sox. It's gonna be fun to watch.


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