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Saturday, December 25, 2004

The Real Donald

The real Donald is "Rummy". I've met "Rummy" and seen him in action. He has all the charisma of Reagan and the charity and compassion of a saint. Someone else has had the opportunity to see the real "Donald". If you saw his Christmas Eve address to the troops, you'd have to be blind to miss the depth of his appreciation for the service and sacrifice of the American Soldier. Donald Rumsfeld is not "power hungry, imperial, or nationalistic. He is a thinking, patriot in the same sense as the founding fathers. He knows the world is not a perfect place and that force must be used where words won't work.
Rumsfeld has a deep understanding of history in the classical sense. He understands that great battles can be avoided by timely intervention. Islam and the West are on a collision course and our actions in the war on terror are an attempt to divert Islam from it's course of intolerance.
Historical perspective.....On D-Day, things went pretty well. We only lost about 5000 troops. We lost as many in 2 hours at Pearl Harbor as we've lost so far in Iraq. 60 years ago, at the battle of the Bulge, the 1st Army, the 101st Airborne and Patton's Third Army lost 5000 in ten days. We lost nearly 10000 in 2 months of Okinawa. Those numbers are small compared to the German and Russian losses at Stalingrad and other places. If we have to fight for a hundred years at this pace, the casualties will not equate to the 400000 we lost in 4 years during WWII. Rumsfeld understands that this is the way to fight this war. We don't want to "Chamberlain" this thing into another "Hot" World War. Rumsfeld is the most "misunderestimated" man in the world.

During his Chrismas Eve talk with the troops, he took the opportunity to needle the Main Sewerstream Media. It's as close as he can get to saying "You're Fired!"


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