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Thursday, January 27, 2005

What’s better spent?

$5,000,000 on JDAMs or $5,000,000 on welfare?

$5,000,000 spent on welfare does not train anyone for a job. It doesn't provide a job - except for the bureaucracy that distributes it. That bureaucracy does not actual produce a good and it is a consumer of energy, real estate, paper and time. It does nothing to improve the prospects of the target population - it is a parasite that delivers only subsistence to the poor.

$5,000,000 spent on JDAMs (Joint Direct Attack Munitions - GPS Guided Bombs) pays people to produce goods with a tangible value. Those goods are used to compel persons to think carefully before conflicting with our national interest. (Was that diplomatic or what?) This helps provide a stable economic environment for enterprise.

Investment in JDAMs requires people to be employed in mining, chemistry, manufacturing, transportation, as well as design, leadership and capital investment.

Lets see - Feed a parasite to keep the poor impoverished or offer someone a job... Tough choice.


Blogger King of Fools said...

Good points. Most of the national debate ignores the fact that not only does military spending boost production and provide jobs, a portion of it also comes back full circle as corporate or personal income tax (or sales tax on items the people who have nice shiny new jobs buy).

6:47 PM  

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