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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Words to Newlyweds

Things That Need to Be Remembered

Marriage is not a sprint. It’s a marathon. The first 5 years are the time to set the conditions for the last 50.

God likes marriages to work. Ask for his help...Everyday. Then do the things you know He’d want you to do.

Marriage takes 110%. Give 100% all the time. Expect only 10% back because that’s how it will be sometimes.

You cannot make someone be someone they aren’t but if you are insightful and kind, you can teach them why they should want to become who they ought to be.

While you are teaching, be teachable.

Neither of you are who you will be in 10 years. Resolve to make sure that who you become is even better for the other than you are today.

If your spouse takes their problems to someone else, you aren’t doing your job.

If you are the origin of your spouse’s problems – one of you is way out of focus. Serious self-examination is in order.

Keep your head out of the cockpit. Don’t spend time focused on “who did what to whom.” Instead focus on motivations, goals and strategies, Be focused on where you want to get. Not the small failures we all have along the way.

Keep your attention on your spouse’s strengths and your own weaknesses, Praise your spouse in public and private.

When you must air out grievances. Remember that the long term goal is a lasting, loving, rewarding relationship. Focus on the behavior and the way it made you feel. Remember they don’t care what you know if they don’t know you care.

It’s not about how good your best days are; everyone has good days. It’s how good your worst days are; that will be the real measure of your matrimonial performance.

If you are feeling unappreciated, then your spouse probably is too.

Laugh at yourself.

Your intimacy is a celebration of YOUR marriage and YOUR mortality. Practice it with joy and selflessness. It should be open and honest between YOU TWO and a complete mystery to everyone else. Kiss and hold hands in public. Keep everything else private. It’s no one else’s business, keep it that way.

Who you are is not determined by what you have. Save for what you want. Don’t be frivolous. Arguing over money is a good way to ruin a good match.


Blogger KC said...

wow, i like that list.
and i think it works for a lot more than newlyweds!

hope all is well,

9:16 PM  
Blogger DONG SOO said...

In twenty days, my daugter will be married. And today, in accordance with Korean tradition, my future son-in-law is coming to my home to convey goodwill from his parents. I wanted to find some words to share with my daughter and him.
I really like your words and, for sure, I will share those words with the whole gatherings today.
Thank you so much.
From DS Park, Seoul, Korea

3:50 AM  

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