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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Democrat J-Turn

The J-turn is a driving maneuver that lets you reverse directions without ever letting the wheels stop turning.

Has anyone else seen the Democrats spinning their wheels getting ready to reverse direction on the Patriot Act? Their polling data must be telling them that the voters want the intelligence and justice services to be able to share information and "connect the dots" to stop terrorist activities.

What a conundrum, in order to destroy the Bush Presidency, it may be necessary to allow attacks on the nation.

How hard it must be to hate one's country so.

Apparently there are some procedural rules that will let the law stand without forcing the Democrats to actually vote on it.



Blogger Brandon said...

I think you're willingfully missing the point. Sure, we all want the departments to communicate with each other but that's not the real point, the real point is if the Patriot Act is worth the innocent lives that are unnecessarily involved in the law when they don't need to be just because people thought they were 'terrorists' or 'suspicious'.

The reason they are 'J-turn'-ing as you say is because they made a rash decision, as all humans are prone to do, when they first passed the Patriot Act. We were all scared back then and motivated by the fear of terrorists (also known as witches, communists, Jews...this list goes on, oh how history repeats itself) and some of us made some irrational decisions in all the madness including the Patriot Act. Now we are in some more rational times and many democrats and even republicans (you'll call them liberals no doubt) are calling for a repeal of the Patriot Act. It does not allow for enough civil liberty safeguards.

For example:
"The White House had lobbied determinedly for the provisions to be passed and hoped to satisfy critics by adding new safeguards and expiration dates for the most controversial elements.

These included roving phone taps and secret warrants for documents from businesses and hospitals, and for records of library books taken out by private citizens."

We fight so hard because we want our country to be the best, don't you dare disgrace us and tell us it's because we hate America.

11:20 AM  
Blogger ironcross11 said...

Liberal definition of the best country.

-Criminals are not prosecuted.
-Police are prosecuted
-Unborn children are murdered (Womb to the Tomb)
-Non-Citizen Terrorists have more rights than US military Geneva Conventions Card Carrying Legal Combatants.
-Judges reverse the will of the people.
-Communities can take the homes of citizens and transfer property to developers to increase the tax base.
-Dead people and felons vote.
-Live people vote as many times as their conscience allows.
-Pornography is protected free speech.
-TV commercial about an incumbent politician is prohibited speech.
-A crucifix in a Jar of urine should be subsidized with federal money as art.
-Employers must hire an incompetent minority member over a competent white male.
-All references to the nation being establish by religious white men must be eradicated from the education system. Harriet Tubman is the greatest American of the 1800's. Rosa Parks is the greatest American of the 1900's
-Creative, productive people are punished with confiscatory tax rates.
-Cultures with stone age technology, misogynistic traditions, astronomical infant mortality rates, destructive superstitions are superior to western culture.
-Commerce is evil unless it deals in pornography, entertainment or fashion.
-Marriage can be between any number of individuals or animals.
-Age does not determine sexual potential (NAMBLA)

6:12 PM  
Blogger ironcross11 said...

Oh, one more thing. It's you that missed the point. The Dems are scrambling to figure out how to get back on board the Patriot Act. The polling data shows that the vast majority of Americans like their country enough to put extraordinary measures in place in time of war. Like FDR did.
Americans want the Feds to stop terrorist attacks. Just in case you didn't know, data collected under the patriot act cannot be used in routine criminal prosecution.

Libs that hate the people that vote against their definition of the best country wouldn't mind more attacks if they can blame them on Dubya. But if the Patriot Act lapses and we get hit, there will be hell to pay on the left side of the aisle. Dubya says he needs it to keep us safe.

Maybe the Patriot Act won't stop every attack, but it has a good record so far. There have been no attacks while the Patriot Act has been in place. Go ahead, make my day.

Being rightly credited for an attack will set the Dems back for a generation the way the depression set back the Republicans.

And while you are at it. Name an American that has had their life, liberty or pursuit of happiness significantly impacted by the Patriot Act. Science please!

6:35 PM  

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