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Thursday, December 30, 2004

(Clare) Short on Compassion

My son called to get me on this story....

Liberal "Moonbat" Clare Short, Ex-United Nations Commissioner for something or other, Spouts off about a nasty coalition (Japan, India, the United States and Australia) to administer relief to tsunami victims. According to this half-wit, the United States doesn't have the moral authority to deliver aid. Our money and goods are OK, but our name and flag does not deserve to be associated with anything virtuous.

Our vast fleets of military ships and planes are the fastest way to get goods moved on the scale that we're talking about. Y'know Clare, those vast fleets that we pay for with our massive military budget that the left constantly complains about? Y'see, we fill up them airplanes with relief supplies and then tank them plumb full of petrochemical fuel and we run up those turbines till they spew water vapor and greenhouse gases out the back and make the most awful environmentally damaging noise. Then we point them toward places where people are dyin' and we rush in those supplies just in time. Bastards that we are, we do it all the time and we don't even charge for the service. Maybe we don't charge because we don't have the moral authority to do so.

Oh, Clare, if only we'd defiled ourselves with buckets and buckets of that filthy money from the Oil-for Fascist Dictators Scheme, then we'd meet your standards. Or perhaps if we were engaged in pedophilia in Africa like your mission there, then we'd be so much more worthy of participation in disaster relief. Oh, yes! And if only the Perpetual Molester was still President of the United States. He'd fit right in covering up sexual harrasment at the diplomatically immunized grope club. You know, that high-rise real estate in New York City?

Clare, that's one hell of a stack of moral authority you folks got there. Let me make sure my daughters are locked up before you folks come to town.

Clare, you've given away the key meme of the anti-American left. It is more important to make the United States look bad, than it is to solve problems. The same UN that refuses to help us establish democracy in Iraq, wants to be in charge of and take credit for American Dollars spent everywhere else. If we fail in Iraq, that makes America look bad. If the UN administers American tsunami aid, that keeps the US from looking good. The welfare of the people in Iraq or the Far East is not important as long as the US does not garner any positive public relations value from the event.

Clare - if you want to help distribute our aid, go to one of our drop zones and catch one of our 1000 Kilo Food bundles- with your face.


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