The Brutality of Reason Example

By Ironcross One-One

Slicing and dicing things into pieces small enough
to be fed to Liberals, Kooks and Anti-Americans.
When feeding Kooks and Anti-Americans
I suggest a potato gun.

If you are the emotional liberal type, this mindspace will make you uncomfortable. If you think my logic or facts are faulty, lets discuss it. When your findings disagree with my findings, that is dialogue. But using rhetoric to disagree with science is demogoguery. No demogoguery! I usually refrain from insults, but occasionally, ignorance and liberal hypocrisy bring out the worst in me.

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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Important Instructions for Northbound Travel

Ignore this if you aren't in a laughing mood.

I usually keep my sense of humor in it's holster. It's small caliber and of such high velocity that a lot of people don't even feel it except when I hit bone, but guys like this have a sense of humor like a potato gun. It'll knock the wind out of you and put you on your ass faster than you can say "Hold the Fries". Come back and look at these later if you're grumpy.
This new translation of that Mexican Government Emigration Handbook is too funny to keep to myself.
And since we're at it, you may or may not have seen the Seattle Wedding Dress Guy on Ebay about 8 months ago.



Blogger EdWonk said...

Hello Iron Cross,

I enjoyed reading your entry in this week's Watcher of Weasels competition. I made a comment about it in my weekly post. You may see it here:

I'll enjoy visiting your site in the future.

3:31 AM  

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