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Sunday, January 09, 2005

The Thugs of the World are Laughing at You

Michael Isikoff seems to be indicating that our liberal leaders equate offending someone with "torture" in this newsweek article. .
Jan. 17 issue - Ibraham Al Qosi's stories... charged that he and other detainees at Guantanamo Bay had been subjected to bizarre forms of humiliation and abuse by U.S. military inquisitors. Al Qosi claimed they were ...wrapped in Israeli flags,
OH NO! Not the dreaded Isreali flag! I'll talk ! I'll talk! Please don't touch me with it!
...taunted by female interrogators who rubbed their bodies against them in sexually suggestive ways,
Honey, if you are reading this, this is an excellent way to punish me if I forget to do things you want me to. Rub up against me in sexually suggestive ways. Hoo-Hah! If word of this punishment gets out, half the prisoners in the Fed Pen will start claiming to be A.Q.
...and left alone in refrigerated cells for hours with deafening music blaring in their ears.
Sounds like a tailgate party at Lambeau Field. Actually, I had a taste of this one once, It ain't no fun. But who cares. They are terrorists. When they start complying with the Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC), they get the protections of the LOAC. What was turned into a battlefield on 9/11/01?
That's right Megan! The Continental United States. Do you know what the LOAC says if you are a combatant in civilian clothes on the battlefield?
That's right Suzy! "That makes you a spy." Do you know what LOAC protections a spy gets?
That's right Johnny! "A bullet in the head." 9 millimeters of justice.
Many of the FBI accounts came from conscience-stricken agents troubled by what they had witnessed. One agent reported seeing a detainee sitting on the floor of an interrogation cell with an Israeli flag draped around him while he was bombarded by loud music and a strobe light—almost exactly what Al Qosi had alleged.
This one's pretty heinous, I hate Disco too. Especially Isreali Flag Disco!
Another reported seeing detainees chained hand and foot in fetal positions, in barren cells with no chair, food or water.
If they are still alive, I'm thinking they were getting enough food and water. In fact, the medical records show that the prisoners that have been released from Gitmo put on weight.
Jan. 6: Alberto Gonzales blamed the abuses at Abu Ghraib on a lack of training and renegade prison guards, not the legal memos he wrote. NBC’s Pete Williams reports.
I think Abu Ghraib is just a cultural misunderstanding, That whole thing with naked men chained together, panties on the head, and the fashionable leather leash was to show them how good the liberal lifestyle is on the Upper West Side in New York City.
In one account that seemed to parallel the sickening scenes from Abu Ghraib Prison in Iraq, an FBI agent reported the way in which a female U.S. Army sergeant sexually humiliated a shackled male prisoner during Ramadan and even "grabbed his genitals."
Yeah, sickening... I hope those handcuffs weren't too tight... Honey, Are you getting this? Hoo-Hah!
Pentagon officials acknowledge that, frustrated by detainees' refusal to talk, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld had approved "aggressive" interrogation techniques to be used at Gitmo. But last week, stunned by the new disclosures, Gen. Bantz Craddock, chief of the U.S. Southern Command—which runs Gitmo—ordered a full-scale inquiry into the FBI agents' allegations, which appear to go far beyond anything authorized.
On a serious note: I'm am 100% in favor of giving full constitutional protections to citizens of the US, even if they are accused of terrorism. But I want them charged with treason and if convicted, stripped of their constitutional rights, beaten to death and buried inside the carcass of a pig.

I'm 100% in favor of giving full LOAC protections to combatants that honor the LOAC. Even if their cause is Islamic Extremism, LOAC is not about idealogy, it's about keeping war from becoming a free-for-all.
After hearing of the FBI memos, NEWSWEEK has learned, Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Patrick Leahy fired off angry letters to FBI Director Robert Mueller demanding to know why he failed to disclose his own agents' complaints when they questioned him about Gitmo in a hearing last May.
Oh, My G.. Now that's torture. An angry letter from Diane F. Einstein! Why didn't we think of that? We could force the terrorists to read angry letters from Diane F. Einstein and they'd be spilling their guts in no time. Rumsfeld didn't think of that strategy to win the war. Why don't we send Osama an angry letter from Diane F. Einstein? Sheesh!


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