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Friday, February 18, 2005

McCarthyism - McCarthyisn't

I am a McCarthyist. I'm proud of it. I believe in tracking down and prosecuting America's enemies both foreign and domestic.

Senator Joseph McCarthy has been slandered and libeled by the left as some sort of intolerant Nazi for the past 50 years. The reality is that he was relentless in hunting down and prosecuting spies and traitors in the Dept of War/Defense/State. He was in the Senate, which means he had nothing to do with the Hollywood 10, the House Un-American Activities Committee or blacklisting. He had nothing to do with the most famous event of McCarthyism.

Nixon was hated by the left because he also prosecuted spies, traitors and other leftists. He got the conviction against Alger Hiss. The left insisted that Alger Hiss was innocent. What the left hasn't told you is that the NSA was decrypting Soviet cables under a program called Venona and insiders to the intelligence knew that Alger Hiss was guilty. If you ever thought the left took particular pleasure in taking down Nixon, this is the reason. He prosecuted the darlings of the left.

Venona proved Ethel and Julius Rosenberg were guilty too but there are scores of wonderful print accounts of the innocence of Julius and Ethel. The Soviets had front organizations print handbills to protest their innocence. They were just innocent victims of intolerance who were passing atomic secrets to the Soviets. The periodic protestations of their innocence stopped when Venona was declassified, ending the discussion for good.

Even though McCarthy was fully vilified by the time he died, he was given requiem mass and substantial official recognition in Washington. I suspect that it was because the insiders knew that he had sacrificed his name, prestige and comfort to hunt down America's enemies. He sacrificed his name on the alter of national defense. He was right, the perps were guilty, and the insiders knew they were guilty, but the best evidence couldn't be used because the Soviets would know that their mail was being deciphered.

The thing we call McCarthyism was persecuting non-government employed civilians for their political beliefs. McCarthy wasn't there. So from now on I will call it McCarthyisn't

McCarthy prosecuted government employees that were betraying their country. And I shall practice McCarthyism any time I have the chance.


Blogger Blithe Lee said...

Hey Cap'n - I did it again. Talkin' 'bout you in my blog. Your piece on McCarthy is outstanding. Stole some of it from you, linked to it and told everyone (both of them) they had to read it. Good Job, Col.

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