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Friday, February 04, 2005

Senator Kennedy May Be Right

Senator Kennedy's call for an exit strategy in the wake of Iraq's elections may have some merit. After all, having an exit strategy can save your ass if you lose control of the situation and find yourself sinking in a quagmire or a wind swept pond in Massachusetts. The police diver testified that young Mary Jo might have survived for as long as two hours breathing the air trapped in the car. I doubt it was longer than 15 or 20 minutes. But alas...poor Mary Jo (most certainly panicked and disoriented in the dark, inverted, and submerged car) didn't have an exit strategy.

Yes, Senator Kennedy IS right. It's important to have an exit strategy. Especially if you're mostly interested in saving your own ass.

Mary Jo probably spent her last minutes believing that she would be rescued. Certainly she knew of the legendary aquatic lifestyle of the Kennedy clan. Certainly he would be back any second. Certainly....Certainly...Cert...

Unfortunately, Kennedy is pro-choice and he chose to abort (the rescue attempt)

Sometimes saving your own ass is not the most important thing. Sometimes, it's best to go for the glory or die trying. He made the wrong choice in 1969.

It was 35 years ago last summer. Now Senator Kennedy would like to abort the opportunity for Iraq to become a stable democracy and change the dynamic of the entire Middle East.

35th Anniversary, maybe we should pitch in and buy him an Oldsmobile...

and a bottle of scotch.


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