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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Liberal Values

I'd like my liberal and libertarian friends to tell me what we should do with a useless parasite like this, a scumbag that gets doped up, kidnaps, rapes and slays a third grader.

Was he in complete control of his faculties, or was he was using an illicit substance and in so doing released his demon to destroy a number of lives. It doesn't really matter does it? Does any 9 year old deserve the terror of Jessica's last few hours? Does any parent deserve to live with a lifetime of regret for something as innocuous as leaving a door unlocked?

Shall we send a message to all such perverts that the price they shall pay will be heavy?

I'm betting the liberals will do their best to shelter this guy from the death penalty. Meanwhile they work to terminate Terry Schiavo.

Then they wonder why they aren't thought of as the party of "values."



Blogger jpe said...

The real question isn't 'what should we do with this particular guy?' The real question you have to address is 'what is an acceptable ratio of guilty people executed to innocent people executed?'

So what's a good figure? 10:1? 20:1?

8:36 AM  

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