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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Questions for a Rainy Day

How come an unfertilized Sea Turtle egg is legally protected from any human interference, but an unborn, viable-outside-the-womb human being can be dismembered without any legal representation at all?

It's easy to find an angry, shrill feminist. What happened to all the happy feminists that are thrilled with the way their lives are turning out?

Does it amaze anyone else that Newsweek thinks it's news that boys are different from girls? If the feminist were really interested in equality, they'd be squealing to reverse the social engineering that's caused this. Of course, they never have been interested in equality, they're mostly interested in control.


Blogger Brandon said...

Sure, it's easy to focus on the angry feminist because they are the ones causing the uproar that the news focuses on. Just like the angry African-American, the militant atheist, or the activist GLBT person parading on the streets. Those types make it easy to think that they are the only ones around.

Indeed, interested in wrenching control from the men that practically enslaved them for 1900 or some years.

3:30 PM  
Blogger fidgety said...

I heard it from you!

Feminists are not interested in equality, they're interested in "wrenching control," from the men that invented freedom as they know it today.

Feminists are not causing an uproar. When they do have an effect, its generally just a speedbump on the road of progress.

Brandon, you completely missed the point on this one. Where's your refutation of the abortion argument? Also, were you surprised to learn(by reading the linked article) that boys and girls are different, and that maybe the infallable feminists are WRONG!?!


12:21 AM  
Blogger ironcross11 said...

C'mon Brandon, the science is showing that men and women are wired differently and we are screwing up men with the way the educational system is effeminized. Of course I suppose the APA and the AMA with their completely apolitical scientific opinions don't think that's a problem. Maybe they don't mind because it insures millions of potential patients for ritalin and therapy.

100,000 American women think marriage is and always has been slavery. The other 999900000 make it the ultimate ambition of their lives.

Also, if a committed lifetime of matrimony is slavery, why do the gays want it so badly? Oh wait - they want it for the whips and chains.

Do you know haw badly the left is in jeopardy? We are five days from the slant of the Supreme Court away from judicial activism. Special treatment of deviate sexual behavior, murdering the unborn, persecution of Christianity and usurpation of property rights by busybody do-gooders are on their way out. People will be able to protect their communities from filth and perverts. And we will be able to throw out the portions of campaign finance reform that prohibit free political speech.

No Democrat president has won 50% since Jimmy Carter.

Americans don't believe that Republicans want to spy on them. They wan't their airplanes un-hijacked and their buildings un-destroyed.

Clinton and Albright helped create a nuclear Korea. Americans are terrified of a nuclear Iran.

Palastinians have just elected Hamas in a landslide. If you think Nancy Pelosi and Patty Murray are the right people to deal with this dangerous world, you're on dope.

JFK would be a right wing Republican in this day and age.

Tell us how the Iranians and the Palestinians will be nice if we just let them kill all the Jews. I guess that will be OK since Jesus was a Jew and we know how much trouble he caused...

One of the things I think is funny is how much money from MoveOn has put into advertising for losing causes. That revenue raises taxes to lower the deficit - making Bush tax cuts even more effective at reviving the economy. We appreciate the help!

Your ideas are tired. They are emotionally stoked but philosophically and intellectually vacant. Half of the Republicans in the legislature are spineless and we're still kicking your butts.

When your ideas aren't working, it's time to reexamine your ideas. It took conservatives 50 years to start treating the disease that started with FDR, but we've got control of the viral infection, and the healing has begun, it will take a while to heal all the damaged tissue.

Oh yes, and the Canadians just threw out the Liberals.

Have a nice day!

1:42 AM  
Blogger Brandon said...

Josh - I don't argue the abortion argument because it's useless. Abortion is an interesting case because people in this country can be pretty much pushed into two different belief systems. One that the fetus is a human being no matter what it's attributes and the other that the fetus is no because it does not have specific attributes. We could argue all day and night but I know it will not get us anywhere.

Infalliable feminists? That'd scare me.

Ironcross - Now you're playing the victim card that you called me out on so long ago. gay people...I mean men are being victimized because the system is effeminized. The evil straight people...I mean feminists! It won't work for you and it won't work for me.

I don't think marriage is slavery anymore because of changing times. It's now a union between two equal, law abiding (sometimes) citizens of opposite sexes.

Can we just label the rest of your argument as a red herring? Yea, I think that sounds about right. Make a post about it but don't make me read half of a post that does not even pertain to the argument of the orginial post.

12:02 PM  
Blogger ironcross11 said...

I thought about all the ways to start the reply to answer this.

Yes, a fetus is not a human until it actually breathes air. Now that's really, really and truly scientific stuff.
This is my blog, I'll post any way I #@%&* please.
I AM IRONCROSS, THE GREAT AND POWERFUL. I can make liberals read posts they don't want to read!
The point is to call out the hypocrisy of the Left. An unfertilized sea turtle egg will never be a Sea Turtle, but it is protected because it's potential as a sea turtle cannot be readily determined. But a fertilized human egg that is demonstrably on it's way to becoming a human has no protections. That is hypocrisy. It is the official platform of the Democrat Party that any limits on the selfish practice of abortion are unacceptable. The Republican Party accepts that some abortions are a medical necessity or reasonable in cases of imprudent or illegal coitus.
Well if marriage isn't slavery anymore, then why hasn't the rhetoric and objectives of the radical feminist movement been adjusted.
Not playing the victim card as much as calling out the hypocrisy of the left. When women, ethnic, minorities, gays or whales are in a position of disadvantage, the slavering unwashed anti-americans paint up their signs and go march down to the mall in DC. But will we see this for men? Not a chance. Liberals are not interested in equality, they're interested in power for certain constituent lobbies. That's all. Don't worry about the men, we have the guns and we know how to use them. The things we provide are in our DNA and when the real crisis comes and blood runs in the streets, the Hollywood Left, the women, the metrosexuals and GLBTs will hide behind the tobacco chewing, truck driving, football watching, beer drinking, men. They'll say "ooh save us, save us, bad people want to hurt us." Yup, that's who we are. The ones that know how to fix a car, grow food and drive machinery.
Do you ever actually consider science when forming your opinions?
Abortion is not a useless argument. The debate will go back to the state legislatures within 5 years. Roe v. Wade always was bad law based on bad precedent. Even pro-abortion scholars will tell you that. The justice that wrote the opinion intended that a woman that needed an abortion for her own health or for rape/incest should have access. He says so in his own papers. There may eventually be a good legal argument to keep a properly developing human potential from maturing, but inconvenience and privacy as an argument is rapidly imploding. Is murder of your born children OK if they are inconvenient, and you murder them in private? The only modifier is whether they are breathing air or not. It doesn't cut the intellectual or philosophical muster.
Your position on abortion is entirely emotional. You want to be left alone to whatever unhealthy and unnatural activities are your private indulgence, so you support others in their unhealthy and unnatural practices.

9:53 PM  

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