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Thursday, January 11, 2007

400,000 Deaths

It took 400,000 American deaths to end World War II and bring stability to the world. Almost all of the areas that were the bloodbaths of WWII have been relatively peaceful and prosperous since. China and Russia took awhile to abandon the ignorance of communist socialism, but they are healing. Western Europe and Japan have been peaceful and prospering since 1945.

It was painful, it was bloody and it was risky. It was gunpowder, fire, steel and blood. The outcome was never certain except in the hearts of those brave souls that knew that they would never surrender. Those hearty souls that stood in line to get into uniform and then stood in line to climb down cargo nets into the landing craft that carried them to the carnage-strewn beaches of amphibious assault.

What they knew, is that the enemy had designs on America. The enemy hadn't said as much, but they knew it. I believe those stone-hard souls would have continued the fight if it had taken 20 years.

Today we have an enemy that make no pretenses about his intent. He means to strip us of our defenses and then strip us of our constitutional government and then strip us of our rights. He thinks he is charged by God with this struggle and he will happily die trying. He will continue trying until his confidence or means to fight are destroyed.

In Washington DC, mostly surrounded by cowards, quitters, apologists, wackos, reformed hippies, queers and sissies, President Bush continues to pursue victory. He has had no help from the press. He has had no help from the Democrats, they have worked against him at every turn. He has had back-handed help from the Republicans. Insiders in the Pentagon and CIA frequently undercut his policies. But he will continue trying until his confidence or means to fight are destroyed.

President Bush is just about the only man in Washington that is protecting the constitution. Mark my words - there will come a time that a documentary will portray him as the Winston Churchill in the fight against radical Islam.

There will be a hundred Neville Chamberlains in that documentary. The Press, The Congress, the Pentagon/CIA leakers will be vilified as the causes of the devastation in the war on Radical Islam. The cowards, quitters, apologists, wackos, reformed hippies, queers and sissies will be called out by name as the reasons the war cost far more lives than it needed to.

After the Democrats surrendered to Vietnam, there was a bloodbath in SE Asia. If they do it again, there will be another real bloodbath in Iraq. Not a propaganda bloodbath like the one we have now, but a real one like the one under Saddam or Pol Pot or in Rwanda. This time, the quitters will get the credit for the bloodbath and they know it. That's why they aren't pulling the funding for the war. They know that they already are blamed for the SE Asian bloodbath by historians and political watchers.

If it takes 17 years, 17,000 casualties and 12 changes of strategy to win in Iraq and transform the Middle East, isn't it worth it? We are going to have to fight radical Islam anyway. Might as well do it now. Why wait until they are stronger? Why wait until they nuke a couple of Western capitals? Why wait until we have 200,000 civilian casualties. Why wait until a nuclear Iran is more powerful than 1939 Germany/Japan and can threaten it's neighbors into submission.

Conflict is Chess. The player that thinks furthest into the future almost always wins. You can quote me on that.


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