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By Ironcross One-One

Slicing and dicing things into pieces small enough
to be fed to Liberals, Kooks and Anti-Americans.
When feeding Kooks and Anti-Americans
I suggest a potato gun.

If you are the emotional liberal type, this mindspace will make you uncomfortable. If you think my logic or facts are faulty, lets discuss it. When your findings disagree with my findings, that is dialogue. But using rhetoric to disagree with science is demogoguery. No demogoguery! I usually refrain from insults, but occasionally, ignorance and liberal hypocrisy bring out the worst in me.

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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Religion of Peace Holds Services in New Jersey - 4 Dead

A family of Coptic (Egyptian) Christians has been murdered in New Jersey. The father had been threatened for his criticism of Islamic Fundamentalism on an Internet Chat Room. The worshipers at this service took time to stab through a tattoo of a cross on the wrist of a teenage female victim. Such religious devotion...

There are five beliefs that constitute the “Five Pillars of Islam”

1. (Shahada) Oneness - The Islamic proclamation that "There is no true God except Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah."
2. (Salat) Prayer - Prayer is performed five times a day. The first prayer is at dawn and the last at sunset.
3. (Saum) Fasting - Usually, this fasting entails no drinking, eating during, or sexual relations during the daylight hours for the entire month of Ramadan.
4. (Zakat) Alms-giving or charity - Charity given to the poor.
5. (Hajj) Pilgrimage - This is the pilgrimage to Mecca.

I suggest that perhaps one more pillar needs to be added to the "Religion of Peace". I don't know Arabic the word for it, but in English the word is...

6. Terrorism - As soon as we kill everyone that will not convert to Islam, there will be peace.


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