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Friday, February 25, 2005

African-American HIV Rate Doubles

And it's caused by everything except irresponsible behavior.
Researchers and AIDS prevention advocates attributed the high rate among blacks to such factors as drug addiction, poverty and poor access to health care.
Poverty can cause you to get HIV.
Drug Addiction can cause you to get HIV.
Poor Access to health care can cause you to get HIV.

This is a pack of lies meant to blame society for a disease that is primarily spread by risky behaviors. It's meant to shape the information sphere to separate you from your money. It's a victimism play.

No one ever got HIV from an empty wallet.
No one ever got HIV from a clean needle or a snort of coke.
No one ever got HIV from not going to the doctor. And the only thing a Doctor can prescribe to keep an infected person from infecting someone else is a fatal dose of poison.

I'm not heartless. I truly feel for people that get this dreadful disease from a blood transfusion, dental procedure or some other unpredictable situation. But I have no inclination to buy expensive drugs for someone that plays the HIV lottery and loses.

The angle is to spend enough of your money to find a cure and eliminate the consequences of the risky behaviors.
Just like abortion. A convenient way out of the situation. What they don't explain is that if HIV were eradicated, the same behaviors still spread Hepatitis, other STD's and what ever else blood-borne illnesses.

But according to this article, behaviors have nothing to do with it. It's drug addiction, poverty and poor access to health care.

Whaddaya say suckers? Are ya gonna pay the freight?


Blogger Steve said...

I wonder if you'd feel the same way about someone who gets heart disease or becomes morbidly obese from eating fast food, or someone who develops type two diabetes. What about alcoholics? Would your compassion extend to someone injured while driving too fast?

Unless we want to turn people away from emergency rooms, we pay for health issues one way or another, and emergency care is the most expensive type of care there is.

3:56 PM  
Anonymous LS said...

All of use our predispositions and at times in conflict with our will or free will. This increase in HIV during these times of mass information is a lack of resposibility both socially and personal.

10:58 PM  

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