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If you are the emotional liberal type, this mindspace will make you uncomfortable. If you think my logic or facts are faulty, lets discuss it. When your findings disagree with my findings, that is dialogue. But using rhetoric to disagree with science is demogoguery. No demogoguery! I usually refrain from insults, but occasionally, ignorance and liberal hypocrisy bring out the worst in me.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Whew, That Was Close

Apparently enough damning evidence got shredded to protect KKKofi Annan. Although the report did not completely vindicate the secretary-general, the investigation led by former U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker said:
...there was insufficient evidence to show that he was aware of the bid.
This is insider language for:
You did it, We know you did it. Your fingerprints are all over this. We know you had your cronies shred the evidence and we'll be watching you.
Unfortunately, the will to play hard ball in the highest circles doesn't go into the bench. Dubya, Dick, Condi, Don and the Wolfman are the starters but after that it gets thin. Sure would be nice to have the Senate resolve to pay no UN dues until Kofi quits.

It's a cover up, and we don't like cover-ups in this country. It's time to hold the UN accountable.


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