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Monday, January 30, 2006

The Gaping Vulnerability

Tomorrow night, George Bush will miss the opportunity to propose the most important policy shift he could make. He will not call for a policy mandating that teachers take mandatory offensive weapons training and defensive lockdown techniques during every summer break.

In September 2004, Islamic radicals took over a Back-to-School celebration in the Russian city of Beslan. They took 1500 hostages. They held Russia at bay for 62 hours. The hostages were kept in a hotbox of a gym urinating and defecating where they sat. All the adult males were immediately murdered execution style in front of their families. The adolescent males were rounded into work gangs to build barracades of furniture - then they were executed and thrown out of a second floor window. The women and girls were raped - first sexually, then with weapons and disfiguring hardware. After an accidental detonation of one of the terrorist bombs, the in extremis assault by Russian Special Forces went bad. In the end, over 350 died.

Osama Bin Laden has said that "what they have done in Russia, they will do in America." There WILL come a day when the word of a hostage situation in an American School hits the 24 hour news channels. It will not be a couple of disgruntled teens. It will be trained, determined, deadly vipers from one of Osama's camps. They will be prepared to slay dozens and they will expect minimal resistance. They will make it as bloody and graphic as they can and it will last until it ends by force.

There will be a blood-curdling scream from the nation. Whoever is in the White House will be castigated and castrated. But for GW Bush, it's a no-win situation. Because if he was to suggest arming teachers and training them to defend the kids. He'd hear the same blood-curdling scream from the teachers union and the left.

There's not a school in the country that's postured to keep our kids safe. And there won't be, until there is a gynasium floor covered in blood. And it will have to happen because the left insists that there is a liar in the White House.


Blogger Brandon said...

But see, what everyone in America thinks is, "It'll never happen here." Even after 911, they still think that. We are naive in the global world of terrorism and still in the teen stages so to say. We think we're invincible and while it might seem that way with us being the most powerful country in the world, we aren't.

The one thing that frustrates me the most is that the government reacts, it doesn't anticipate these kinda things. We see these things building up, occurring in other countries and nothing is done. Once again, the world is laugh at us and how we aren't prepared. First the low security in our airports and now how we 'don't value our future' by protecting our children in schools. When will we stop making huge mistakes like this and start anticipating the problems before they blow up into big fiascos?

2:02 PM  
Blogger ironcross11 said...

Right now, Democrats are trying to convince the public that the President is constrained by criminal rules of evidence when conducting wartime intelligence surveillance. What would they say of he demanded that every teacher in America is required to have a concealed carry permit and a gun in the classroom?
We went to Iraq because every intelligence service in the world was convinced that Saddam was not divesting his WMD arsenal. Now, because that arsenal is not in Iraq, he's being denounced as a liar and imperialist. You can't have it both ways.
If you are going to be pre-emptive, you will be wrong sometimes. This is the essence of the difference between conservatives and liberals. Liberals believe they are so smart that they can make a perfect world. A really smart administration, like the Clinton administration, that oversaw the first WTC attack, the African Embassy Bombings, the USS Cole attack, the Khobar Towers bombing, Oklahoma City, could make the world perfect. To their credit they did burn down the Branch Davidian Compound, shoot a few wackos at Ruby Ridge and ship Elian Gonzales back to Cuba. They also refused to take custody of Osama Bin Laden at least twice because they felt constrained by the criminal rules of evidence. Apparently the first WTC attack, the African Embassy Bombings, the USS Cole attack, and the Khobar Towers bombing weren't enough of a signal that we were already at war.
We are at war with radical Islam. Denial will not keep you safe. Denial will not keep your children safe. If we pulled every American soldier home today, it would not make us popular or safe. It would make us a the punchline of an Islamic Joke. And it would bring scores of terrorists confident of their ultimate victory.

9:27 PM  

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