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If you are the emotional liberal type, this mindspace will make you uncomfortable. If you think my logic or facts are faulty, lets discuss it. When your findings disagree with my findings, that is dialogue. But using rhetoric to disagree with science is demogoguery. No demogoguery! I usually refrain from insults, but occasionally, ignorance and liberal hypocrisy bring out the worst in me.

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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

AlGore - Crouching Liberal - Freakin Idiot

If you go to this official US Government site, you'll find this smokin' compilation of links and statements of scientist that are not part of the idolized and canonized "manmade global warming scientific consensus"

AlGore is a freakin idjit. A "Chicken Little" freakin idiot! The sky is falling! We're all gonna die!

60 Scientists Debunk Global Warming Fears

Earlier this year, a group of prominent scientists came forward to question the so-called “consensus” that the Earth faces a “climate emergency.” On April 6, 2006, 60 scientists wrote a letter to the Canadian Prime Minister asserting that the science is deteriorating from underneath global warming alarmists.

“Observational evidence does not support today's computer climate models, so there is little reason to trust model predictions of the future…Significant [scientific] advances have been made since the [Kyoto] protocol was created, many of which are taking us away from a concern about increasing greenhouse gases. If, back in the mid-1990s, we knew what we know today about climate, Kyoto would almost certainly not exist, because we would have concluded it was not necessary,” the 60 scientists wrote. See:

“It was only 30 years ago that many of today's global-warming alarmists were telling us that the world was in the midst of a global-cooling catastrophe. But the science continued to evolve, and still does, even though so many choose to ignore it when it does not fit with predetermined political agendas,” the 60 scientists concluded.

In addition, an October 16, 2006 Washington Post article titled “Climate Change is Nothing New” echoed the sentiments of the 60 scientists as it detailed a new study of the earth’s climate history. The Washington Post article by reporter Christopher Lee noted that Indiana University geologist Simon Brassell found climate change occurred during the age of dinosaurs and quoted Brassell questioning the accuracy of computer climate model predictions.

“If there are big, inherent fluctuations in the system, as paleoclimate studies are showing, it could make determining the Earth’s climatic future even harder than it is,” Brassell said. See:

Global Cooling on the Horizon?

In August, Khabibullo Abdusamatov, a scientist who heads the space research sector for the Russian Academy of Sciences, predicted long-term global cooling may be on the horizon due to a projected decrease in the sun’s output. See:

Sun’s Contribution to Warming

There have also been recent findings in peer-reviewed literature over the last few years showing that the Antarctic is getting colder and the ice is growing and a new 2006 study in Geophysical Research Letters found that the sun was responsible for up to 50% of 20th-century warming. See:

“Global Warming” Stopped in 1998

Paleoclimate scientist Bob Carter has noted that there is indeed a problem with global warming – it stopped in 1998. “According to official temperature records of the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia in the UK, the global average temperature did not increase between 1998-2005. “…this eight-year period of temperature stasis did coincide with society's continued power station and SUV-inspired pumping of yet more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere,” noted paleoclimate researcher and geologist Bob Carter of James Cook University in Australia in an April 2006 article titled “There is a problem with global warming... it stopped in 1998.” See:

“Global?" Warming Misnamed - Southern Hemisphere Not Warming

In addition, new NASA satellite tropospheric temperature data reveals that the Southern Hemisphere has not warmed in the past 25 years contrary to “global warming theory” and modeling. This new Southern Hemisphere data raises the specter that the use of the word “global” in “global warming” may not be accurate. A more apt moniker for the past 25 years may be “Northern Hemisphere” warming. See:

Alaska Cooling

According to data released on July 14, 2006 from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the January through June Alaska statewide average temperature was “0.55F (0.30C) cooler than the 1971-2000 average.” See:

Oceans Cooling

Another bombshell to hit the global warming alarmists and their speculative climate modeling came in a September article in the Geophysical Research Letters which found that over 20% of the heat gained in the oceans since the mid-1950s was lost in just two years. The former climatologist for the state of Colorado, Roger Pielke, Sr., noted that the sudden cooling of the oceans “certainly indicates that the multi-decadal global climate models have serious issues with their ability to accurately simulate the response of the climate system to human- and natural-climate forcings.“ See:

Light Hurricane Season & Early Winter

Despite predictions that 2006 would bring numerous tropical storms, 2006’s surprisingly light hurricane season and the record early start of this year’s winter in many parts of the U.S. have further put a damper on the constant doomsaying of the global warming alarmists and their media allies.

Droughts Less Frequent

Other new studies have debunked many of the dubious claims made by the global warming alarmists. For example, the claim that droughts would be more frequent, severe and wide ranging during global warming, has now being exposed as fallacious. A new paper in Geophysical Research Letters authored by Konstantinos Andreadis and Dennis Lettenmaier finds droughts in the U.S. becoming “shorter, less frequent and cover a small portion of the country over the last century.”

Global Warming Will Not Lead to Next Ice Age

Furthermore, recent research has shown that fears that global warming could lead to the next ice age, as promoted in the 2004 Hollywood movie “The Day After Tomorrow” are also unsupportable. A 2005 media hyped study “claimed to have found a 30 percent slowdown in the thermohaline circulation, the results are published in the very prestigious Nature magazine, and the story was carried breathlessly by the media in outlets around the world…Less than a year later, two different research teams present convincing evidence [ in Geophysical Research Letters ] that no slowdown is occurring whatsoever,” according to Virginia State Climatologist Patrick Michaels, editor of the website World Climate Report. See:

‘Hockey Stick’ Broken in 2006

The “Hockey Stick” temperature graph’s claim that the 1990’s was the hottest decade of the last 1000 years was found to be unsupportable by the National Academy of Sciences and many independent experts in 2006. See:

Study Shows Greenland’s Ice Growing

A 2005 study by a scientist named Ola Johannessen and his colleagues showed that the interior of Greenland is gaining ice mass. See: Also, according to the International Arctic Research Institute, despite all of the media hype, the Arctic was warmer in the 1930’s than today.

Polar Bears Not Going Extinct

Despite Time Magazine and the rest of the media’s unfounded hype, polar bears are not facing a crisis, according to biologist Dr. Mitchell Taylor from the Arctic government of Nunavut. “Of the 13 populations of polar bears in Canada, 11 are stable or increasing in number. They are not going extinct, or even appear to be affected at present,” Taylor wrote on May 1, 2006. See:

Media Darling James Hansen Hypes Alarmism

As all of this new data debunking climate alarmism mounts, the mainstream media chooses to ignore it and instead focus on the dire predictions of the number-one global warming media darling, NASA’s James Hansen. The increasingly alarmist Hansen is featured frequently in the media to bolster sky-is-falling climate scare reports. His recent claim that the Earth is nearing its hottest point in one million years has been challenged by many scientists. See: Hansen’s increasingly frightening climate predictions follow his 2003 concession that the use of “extreme scenarios” was an appropriate tactic to drive the public’s attention to the urgency of global warming. See: Hansen also received a $250,000 grant form Teresa Heinz’s Foundation and then subsequently endorsed her husband John Kerry for President and worked closely with Al Gore to promote his movie, “An Inconvenient Truth.” See: &

American People Rejecting Global Warming Alarmism

The global warming alarmists may have significantly overplayed their hand in the climate debate. A Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll this August found that most Americans do not attribute the cause of any recent severe weather events to global warming, and the portion of Americans who believe that climate change is due to natural variability has increased over 50% in the last five years.

Senator Inhofe Chastises Media For Unscientific & Unprincipled Climate Reporting

Senator James Inhofe (R-Okla.) Chairman of the Environment and Public Works Committee, commented last week on the media’s unfounded global warming hype and some of the recent scientific research that is shattering the so-called “consensus” that human greenhouse gas emissions have doomed the planet.

“The American people are fed up with media for promoting the idea that former Vice President Al Gore represents the scientific ‘consensus’ that SUV’s and the modern American way of life have somehow created a ‘climate emergency’ that only United Nations bureaucrats and wealthy Hollywood liberals can solve. It is the publicity and grant seeking global warming alarmists and their advocates in the media who have finally realized that the only “emergency” confronting them is their rapidly crumbling credibility, audience and bottom line. The global warming alarmists know their science is speculative at best and their desperation grows each day as it becomes more and more obvious that many of the nations that ratified the woeful Kyoto Protocol are failing to comply,” Senator Inhofe said last week. See:

“The mainstream media needs to follow the money: The further you get from scientists who conduct these alarmist global warming studies, and the further you get from the financial grants and the institutions that they serve the more the climate alarmism fades and the skepticism grows,” Senator Inhofe explained.

Eco-Doomsayers’ Failed Predictions

In a speech on the Senate floor on September 25, 2006, Senator Inhofe pointed out the abject failure of past predictions of ecological disaster made by environmental alarmists.

“The history of the modern environmental movement is chock-full of predictions of doom that never came true. We have all heard the dire predictions about the threat of overpopulation, resource scarcity, mass starvation, and the projected death of our oceans. None of these predictions came true, yet it never stopped the doomsayers from continuing to predict a dire environmental future. The more the eco-doomsayers’ predictions fail, the more the eco-doomsayers predict,” Senator Inhofe said on September 25th. See:

Related Links:

For a comprehensive review of the media’s embarrassing 100-year history of alternating between promoting fears of a coming ice age and global warming, see Environment & Public Works Chairman James Inhofe’s September 25, 2006 Senate floor speech debunking the media and climate alarmism. Go to: (

To read and watch Senator Inhofe on CNN discuss global warming go to: ( )

To Read all of Senator Inhofe’s Speeches on global warming go to: (

“Inhofe Correct On Global Warming,” by David Deming geophysicist, an adjunct scholar with the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs (, and an associate professor of Arts and Sciences at the University of Oklahoma. (

I did the the math one time. The sun dumps something like 6 or 7 million times as much energy to the earth as we get from petrochemicals.

You don't even have to be a rocket scientist.

Monday, October 30, 2006

From Left (Way Left) Field

A curious link in my inbound traffic log indicates that The Pseudo-Intellectual Homosexual is out in cyberspace slandering (as a visitor) the ideas he cannot counter and continuing to advocate for public acceptance of his self-destructive choice of lifestyle.

So I'll say it again - Gays and Lesbians suffer higher mortality rates from self-imposed risk factors than straights. And I'll pay $100 to the first that can provide a CDC study that says otherwise. Asking the government to endorse these behaviors is akin to subsidizing the purchase of unfiltered cigarettes and heroin and then buying the health care for the victims. It's a waste of money.

Gays already have at least the same marriage rights as straights - in all 50 states. And I'll bet anyone $100 dollars I can demonstrate it.

I guess he's gotten his ass kicked here so many times that he's gone on to be spanked elsewhere.

It may be that other homo thing - the need to be an abused victim. Poor, poor victim of an evil oppressive society.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Not Stung Once

While I was painting the house a few weeks ago, there were a multitude of wasp nests to be dealt with. Nasty, mean aggressive wasps. I had to make a choice. I could continue the mission, or I could quit and leave the house partly painted and partly exposed to the weather.

I decided to continue the mission. I just couldn't bear to leave the mess and risk the eventual damage. This meant I had another choice to make. I could try and co-exist with the wasps, or I could try to negotiate with them to leave. I determined that painting around the nests wasn't practical so had to try and convince the wasps to leave. I shouted at the nests to let them know that I needed to paint and that we didn't need to be enemies. The wasps couldn't understand me or didn't respect my culture enough to respond to my overtures. They seemed to hate any encroachment on their bit of real estate. They consistently acted in a threatening manner and there were enough of them to make working at the top of the ladder too dangerous.

I wanted to take the road to peace, but how do you negotiate and cooperate with a nest of wasps? How do you negotiate with a single wasp? How do you negotiate with a shark or a cobra? How do you negotiate with a terrorist?

I'll tell you how I did it. I waited till the cool of the morning and I used a tactic known as a sweep. I used the tip of a broom to flatten the nest and stun them with as many as possible still inside the nest. I took the nests down one by one. I knocked them to the ground and stomped them flat. I used bursts of chemicals where necessary to get tactical advantage. The few survivors spent the rest of the day buzzing around angry and confused, and without a home to defend.

I was not stung once.

It was a lot more like Afghanistan than Iraq.

It's useless to try and talk to them - kill the bastards in their sleep.

The Gay Black Republican Homo Problem

This post a IowaHawk is a friggin' riot. Democrat gay bashing and racism exposed.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

A Picture That Explains Socialism.

Socialism is an old Russian word that means: Everyone is equally miserable except the powerful. Since the Korean War, South Korea has been nurtured by the United States. North Korea was nurtured by the Soviets and then the Chinese.

Since you are smart enough to use the internet, you should be smart enough to draw some conclusions about capitalism and socialism from this picture.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Ketchup as in Catch-Up

I owe my loyal readers - both of you, an explanation as to the rare and sporadic posting over the summer. I've been hustling. Call it a Jihad. A Struggle. A struggle against oxidation, chaos and decay. We put in a garden. ( A whole different post needing to be done.) I did some earth-moving with the tractor. We did a remodel on a duplex to turn it into a single unit. We painted the barn. We painted the house. I pulled the engine out of BMW 325. We're going to paint the rental over the next couple of days. Then we're going to tear the shed off the back of the garage and re-roof the garage. By the time we're done with that I should have the new engine ready to go back in the BMW and then it will be time to shop for Christmas...

Christmas... The stores are already ramping up for HanuChristHallowMasThanksgivEenUkah

Don't get me wrong, I like holidays. I just think they ought to be more about people and less about stuff. Some people are completely ruled by stuff... status... outward appearances.

Does anyone think KJI really has nukes up there in N. Korea?

I think after the failed missile launch he told his cronies to go ahead and prepare for the nuke test and have a conventional (non-nuclear) site set up as a backup.

He tried to set off the nuke but it didn't work so he set off 500 to 1000 tons of high explosive to fake a low yield nuke.

A typical loser scheme concocted to prop up a loser political system that perpetuates the only loser society in East Asia.
State Sponsored Failure.
Socialism is so... like... whatever.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Republican Incompetence - AKA - The Foley Follies

This whole Foley business highlights the naivete of Republican politicians. They think politics is about ideas and vision. What a bunch of morons! Politics is about power and controlling/shaping the future.

They have no idea how to go on the attack when the Democrats swing into hypocritical personal attacks. Here's how the press conference would go if I were the Speaker of the House.

Opening Statement: We are outraged that the Democrats are engaging in these sleazy gay bashing tactics. Mark Foley is a kind and decent man that has different inclinations than the majority of Americans, but to our knowledge he has not taken inappropriate liberties with any under age person. It appears that he may have been cultivating relationships with young men below that age of consent, but as far as we know did not make any effort to initiate any physical contact.

As creepy as that may seem to some, none of this behavior falls within the realm of illegality as far as we know. It's creepy, Just like Senators Kennedy and Dodd sandwiching a waitress on the floor in a Washington DC restaurant. I could go further into the creepy antic of Senator Kennedy, but I'll stop there.

It's about as creepy as a 50 ear old man abusing an intern on the presidential seal of the oval office. But Mark Foley never lied to the public or purjured himself in front of a grand jury about his escapades.

It's about as creepy as the Clinton White House using the term "nuts and sluts" to label women that accused the President of misconduct.

It's as creepy as Sandy Berger stuffing documents into his pants and socks to sneak them out of the National Archives so that the 9/11 Commission couldn't see what actually went on in the Clinton White House.

It's not as creepy as Barney Frank's boy toy running a male prostitution service out of Barney's basement. (no pun intended). Barney denied knowing about it. Yeah right. That's pretty creepy.

We are calling for a FBI investigation to authoritatively determine what laws were broken if any. We are asking that this investigation extend to all current members of the House and all pages past and present.

As far as we know, the pages knew who they were communicating with. Foley never tried to deceive or lure the pages and since he only communicated with them after they left DC, he held no immediate power over them. They had the ability to block his traffic and they chose to communicate. Being gay is not a crime in and of itself, nor is gay flirting.

It is not the job of the congressional or party leadership or any employer to snoop into the private sexual matters of employees unless it is suspected that laws have been broken. In fact, to do so is illegal in many places.

We don't believe this behavior puts the House of Representative in the best light, but if we are to accept Representative William Jefferson, Democrat, Louisiana in our midst after an FBI sting caught him with 90,000 dollars in cash in his freezer; if the Democrats will stand behind the creepy antics of President Clinton, Senators Kennedy and Dodd, Barney Frank, and all of the others in their rogue's gallery; then we will have to withhold judgement on Mark Foley until we find evidence of illegal or immoral conduct.

You see, the Democrats and the mainstream media aren't really outraged about his behavior. In most liberal enclaves, they celebrate such liberties at their cocktail parties. They're outraged about his political affiliation. He's gay and he's been fighting for the wrong side.

Your hypocrisy is blatant. Your bias is obvious. And that makes you an enemy of truth and fairness. Put that in your papers and on your network news. I dare you.

Question: Will you step down as Speaker: Yeah, Like Clinton did.

Question: When did you know about the E-mails: Why does it matter? is it a crime? The FBI said it wasn't.

Question: When did you know about the Instant Messages? You mean the ones that are three years old that mysteriously come to light 4 weeks before a national election? There's your Pulitzer Prize. Go document the trail that brought them into public view. I learned about them last Friday. But somewhere in this town there's a Democrat that knew about them for a long time and sat on them. Where's your outrage at that? I smell some hypocrisy in the press here.

Question: Do you think this will cause Republicans to stay home from the polls? No; they're smarter than Democrats. They believe very little of what they see in the mainstream media because they know how it spins in favor of the Democrats.

Are you sure you won't resign? Well, I'll resign the day Susan McDougal testifies against the Clintons, Sandy Berger tells what was really in the documents he stole. Teddy Kennedy is convicted of vehicular manslaughter, Patrick Kennedy is charged with DWI and Bill Clinton publicly apologizes for using time he could have been meeting with the CIA and the FBI to meet with Monica Lewinski.

No More Questions.

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