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Slicing and dicing things into pieces small enough
to be fed to Liberals, Kooks and Anti-Americans.
When feeding Kooks and Anti-Americans
I suggest a potato gun.

If you are the emotional liberal type, this mindspace will make you uncomfortable. If you think my logic or facts are faulty, lets discuss it. When your findings disagree with my findings, that is dialogue. But using rhetoric to disagree with science is demogoguery. No demogoguery! I usually refrain from insults, but occasionally, ignorance and liberal hypocrisy bring out the worst in me.

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Sunday, January 28, 2007


I just tried to make the following post at

This war needs to be over and America needs to lose. Because when America loses, the world is a better place.

America is such an awful country. I mean... think about all those vaccines and medical equipment they've invented and shipped around the world to save lives. What a bunch of selfish a$$H013$ And all of that other technology they've invented. The laser, the microwave, the transistor, television, motion pictures, magnetic recording, the airplane, household electricity...what bunch of parasites! Creating such crap and then foisting it off on an unwilling world. The are forcing the world to hand over raw materials in exchange for such useless garbage.

Their economy is such that they can afford a trade deficit that is bigger than the economies of most other nations, but it just gets bigger and bigger. And as it grows, they share wealth with the rest of the world by allowing that trade deficit. They're poisoning the rest of the world with wealth and prosperity.
America deserves to be brought to it's knees by Islam. Soon industry would be brought to a halt and America would see what it's like to live in the third world. Everyone should live in poverty, then everyone will be equal.
Screw George Bush, he wants everyone to have liberty to produce and create like they do in America...what a fascist. Life is so much better if a Mullah or Imam or King has the control of your life. It's more important to be equal than it is to be free. Arabs aren't smart enough to rule their own lives anyway and women should be property in the Western World just like they are in the Middle East. As a man, I admire societies that allow men to slap women around and make them subservient to man's whims.

America needs to hurry up and surrender so the Islamic extremists can start focusing on Western Europe and the Americas. They are not fanatics, they are reasonable, kind men just trying to save lives and make everything better for everyone and George Bush is holding up progress.

Let's see how fast the censorship kicks in.

When I hit "Publish Post", I got a message that said the post would be posted as soon as a moderator reviewed it. I'll bet that post never sees the light of day over there. Apparently, they don't believe in free speech unless they agree with it.

This is the Arena of Ideas. If your ideas aren't strong enough to face the opposition, you need some new ideas.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Bumper Stickers

When you hear a Leftist shout "Fascism" it means that he just got defeated by the Democratic process.
When you hear a Leftist shout "Socialism" it means someone just asked him how he's going to steal someone's wealth.

Fascism is what they shout when they don't get their way.
Socialism is what they shout when they do.

Ever wonder why the Defense budget is vulnerable to cuts, but the Welfare/Medicaid budget isn't?
I'd rather be sick and poor than occupied.

If you don't believe you can be happy, you can't.
If you can't lead yourself out of misery, you can't lead yourself anywhere.

If you aren't happy, change!
If you still aren't happy, why didn't you pick something better to change into?

Home Ownership is at all time highs
The Dow Jones is at all time highs
Unemployment is at all time lows
We'll probably never see our taxes this low again

But don't worry - the Democrats are sworn to take the country in a new direction

No Terror = Wussie President

There will be no terror attacks in the next 2 years. At least, none that Al Qaeda will organize and take credit for. They know it won't be tolerated. They know that the only chance they have of getting a wussie leftist President is to lie low. If they were to pull off something spectacular, they know the heartland will coalesce around the President and America would elect a stony man with fire-breathing rhetoric and a full willingness to draw and use our bloody sword of war.

They'd like to see Madrassa-schooled Barack (small-balls-big-ears) Obama or the lifetime leftist Hillary (no-balls-big-ass) Clinton.

From a geopolitical strategy, it would be hard to complain about Obama if he were a Pro-Democracy, Pro-American Muslim. It would be hard for Muslim radicals to rally people against the pro-democracy foreign policy of a Muslim President. The idea that the march of democracy was inherently anti-Islamic would become hard to sell.

What would become incredibly more complicated would be the Isreali-Arab conflict. But that thing is going to continue to be a problem until someone tells the Arabs "NO" in language so firm that they actually believe it. It just might be a Muslim President that could do that. The question becomes... would he? Does he have the stones to stand for tolerance of all religions? I doubt it.

I doubt he has the stones to even significantly acknowledge his Muslim ties. You can tell him I said that.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Traffic Spike

Every now and then I see a spike in traffic or page loads on the sitemeter. Someone at the Pentagon really loves or really hates this blog. About 100 page loads in a week.

Introduce yourself. We're all friends here.

Friday, January 19, 2007

A Warning to the Leftists

This recent spate of Threats aimed at Global Warming Skeptics makes me laugh. There are liberals suggesting stripping the accreditation of weathermen and Nuremburg-type trials for vocal skeptics of Global Warming. Ever notice that liberals only like their "free" speech?

Let me explain something. I'll exercise my right of free speech. I'll say what I believe. And if you send jack-booted Nazi thugs for me, I'll be hard to find and if they do find me I'll kill them before I'll let them take me. In actuality, I doubt you could find 10 real gunslingers in America that would be willing to arrest people for such trials.

Cops are able to deal with undisciplined criminals. Cops trying to deal with a rebellious but disciplined 50% of American society up in arms over free speech would be a whole different matter. You think they have an insurgency in Iraq? You try suppressing free speech here and see what happens. The military would refuse to follow such orders. Most of the police probably would too. The ones that did follow those orders would have their hands full. I know tricks that would make the libs pee their Armani diapers

My Oath: To protect and defend the constitution of the United States, from all enemies, foreign and domestic. To me, that would be declaring open season on liberals with no bag limit. Think about it, It ain't the libs that own the guns. Why do you think they want gun control?

You've often read here that I believe in embracing conflict. The showdown between the conservatives with guns and the liberals with the courts and the press is one I'd love to get done with. Go Ahead...Make My Day.

I need to buy some more ammo.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

The 12th Man

I hate to harp on it, but the subject just doesn't seem to get covered anywhere else.

At a football game, they call the fans the 12th man. The fans make noise to suppress the opposing team's communication. The cheer and drink and covort in the stands. They spend their money and and that money helps pay salaries. They may be overweight and out of shape, but the fans are a critical part of the franchise.

The Yankees are a force in baseball because they have a fan base that allows them to buy all the talent they want.

As a nation we are locked in a fight against terror. You may disagree with the reasoning or the strategy, but it doesn't matter. You aren't the elected Commander-In Chief. We are locked in a fight against terror and there will be a winner and a loser. Both sides can't have what they want.

Will is an aspect of conflict and the 12th man is an expression of will. Will is critical to a fight. The will to fight is as important as the means to fight. A team stripped of its will may as well be stripped of it's means.

While the military has carried the fight to the enemy, the 12th man in this country hasn't been doing his part. The Green Bay Packers have fans that will paint themselves colors and stand around half-naked in sub-zero temperatures. Our 12th man? The New York Times, The Washington Post, ABC, NBC, CBS have been cheerleaders in this fight. Unfortunately, they have been cheerleaders for the other side. They have been hypercritical of US policy, strategy, tactics and execution while being careful to use words like fighter and insurgent instead of words like terrorist, Islamic fanatic and sectarian murder.

They have done everything they can to suppress the pro-America 12th man and to encourage and support the radical Islamist 12th man. There can only be one possible motivation. They want us to lose.

When you watch their programs and advertising, you are supporting their Anti-American efforts. When you subscribe to their paper, you are paying the idealogues that format the spin into palatable terms. You are paying for the distribution of the poison into the minds of a trusting public.

When you turn on the TV to those stations and pay for their printing, you are the 12th man for the other side. Think about that.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

400,000 Deaths

It took 400,000 American deaths to end World War II and bring stability to the world. Almost all of the areas that were the bloodbaths of WWII have been relatively peaceful and prosperous since. China and Russia took awhile to abandon the ignorance of communist socialism, but they are healing. Western Europe and Japan have been peaceful and prospering since 1945.

It was painful, it was bloody and it was risky. It was gunpowder, fire, steel and blood. The outcome was never certain except in the hearts of those brave souls that knew that they would never surrender. Those hearty souls that stood in line to get into uniform and then stood in line to climb down cargo nets into the landing craft that carried them to the carnage-strewn beaches of amphibious assault.

What they knew, is that the enemy had designs on America. The enemy hadn't said as much, but they knew it. I believe those stone-hard souls would have continued the fight if it had taken 20 years.

Today we have an enemy that make no pretenses about his intent. He means to strip us of our defenses and then strip us of our constitutional government and then strip us of our rights. He thinks he is charged by God with this struggle and he will happily die trying. He will continue trying until his confidence or means to fight are destroyed.

In Washington DC, mostly surrounded by cowards, quitters, apologists, wackos, reformed hippies, queers and sissies, President Bush continues to pursue victory. He has had no help from the press. He has had no help from the Democrats, they have worked against him at every turn. He has had back-handed help from the Republicans. Insiders in the Pentagon and CIA frequently undercut his policies. But he will continue trying until his confidence or means to fight are destroyed.

President Bush is just about the only man in Washington that is protecting the constitution. Mark my words - there will come a time that a documentary will portray him as the Winston Churchill in the fight against radical Islam.

There will be a hundred Neville Chamberlains in that documentary. The Press, The Congress, the Pentagon/CIA leakers will be vilified as the causes of the devastation in the war on Radical Islam. The cowards, quitters, apologists, wackos, reformed hippies, queers and sissies will be called out by name as the reasons the war cost far more lives than it needed to.

After the Democrats surrendered to Vietnam, there was a bloodbath in SE Asia. If they do it again, there will be another real bloodbath in Iraq. Not a propaganda bloodbath like the one we have now, but a real one like the one under Saddam or Pol Pot or in Rwanda. This time, the quitters will get the credit for the bloodbath and they know it. That's why they aren't pulling the funding for the war. They know that they already are blamed for the SE Asian bloodbath by historians and political watchers.

If it takes 17 years, 17,000 casualties and 12 changes of strategy to win in Iraq and transform the Middle East, isn't it worth it? We are going to have to fight radical Islam anyway. Might as well do it now. Why wait until they are stronger? Why wait until they nuke a couple of Western capitals? Why wait until we have 200,000 civilian casualties. Why wait until a nuclear Iran is more powerful than 1939 Germany/Japan and can threaten it's neighbors into submission.

Conflict is Chess. The player that thinks furthest into the future almost always wins. You can quote me on that.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Abortion Stops A Bleeding Heart

I've made so many posts to this blog, I can't remember whether I've hit this one or not. I remember hearing an estimate that there had been 40 million abortions in the US since Roe vs Wade decision.

Well, if anyone wonders about the rise of the Republicans to power in 1994 and the subsequent years of Republican control, do the math. In 1973, liberals started aborting their offspring. 18 years later, the offspring of Republicans started voting. It probably started having it's impact in 1994 when the country revolted against Hillarycare.

Now another we are now 34 years past Roe vs. Wade. It won't be long till the children of those children start voting.

34 years ago the libs voted to gut the CIA. They denied funding to help the South Vietnamese defend themselves from the Commies. They drove Nixon from power.

Now they can only win elections by running conservative Democrats to out-conservative the Republican candidates. Nancy Pelosi wouldn't be in power without the conservative democrats. If they ran on her agenda, they'd be chewed up and spat out.

34 years ago they would've demanded an immediate troop withdrawal and they would've defunded the troops. These days, they don't have the support of the people and they don't have the votes to force the President to accept a defeat in Iraq.

The funny part is they aborted their own constituency. Whether it's genetics or environment, Liberals raise new Liberals. And when Liberals abort, they abort Liberals. Bleeding-heart liberals.

Abortion Stops A Bleeding Heart. And it just may have bought the country some time.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

I got a funny email from a gal I haven't seen in 17 years. We didn't even know what e-mail was then. I don't know how she found the blog. Perhaps she googled my name. Maybe she is in contact with my old buddy Howie. I don't know...

I tried to e-mail back but she doesn't answer my reply. How strange is that? Maybe her spam blocker is cutting me out. Hey CW... Are you there?

Here we are at the New Year which is a natural time for reflection. Thinking about an "auld acquaintance" will send you spiraling into reflection in a Big Apple New Years Eve (New York) second.

The result of my reflection... Hoo-Hah! What a ride it's been! A First-Class, all-in, balls to the wall, pedal to the floor, hair on fire, savage assault on the edges of the envelope. I can only conclude that it's been much better than I deserve and it's still getting better.

Don't resolve to make yourself what you can and ought to be. Instead of resolving, actually make yourself what you ought to be.

You could do it today because it will make your life better or you could do it today because AlGore says that global warming is going to end the world pretty soon and we're all gonna die and it just hopeless and we're running out of time. It doesn't matter why you decide to do it. Just do it. Today.

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